AMBER LOVE 16-AUG-2012  This week’s episode of VODKA O’CLOCK features comic book creator SHAUN NOEL. Shaun is the co-creator and main script writer for CITY OF WALLS and he’s a contributor to the Red Stylo Media anthology SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN. (UPDATE: City of Walls is now available through Red Stylo digital media)

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CITY OF WALLS is an ongoing comic book about three diverse children in Kowloon City, Japan. The young children have a much higher level of maturity which is a product of their environment in a Japanese ghetto overrun with gangs, drugs, prostitution and every citizen longing for a better life. Daniel is the storyteller of the group who has a chance at being accepted into a prestigious school which would allow his family to move up with him. Daniel deals with the longing to escape Kowloon all together with his friends Arianna and Jin or doing what’s expected from his father.

“Ninety percent of the time, I’ll say, Abeda, you’re the Master. I, like – the whole thing about being a writer for comics, is I love the surprise you get when you write something and your artist just takes it to a whole ‘nother .. not only does exactly what you pictured but takes it to a whole ‘nother level that you weren’t even thinking of.” ~SN

Abede Lovelace’s art has only a tinge of manga influence for this Japanese story. He has incredible scene transitions for when Daniel is telling a story or of the flashbacks in the story. The characters are easily distinguishable and there are some glorious high level aerial views of the city.

The team is trying to do one issue of the comic a year but might get two out this year for New York Comic Con. They want to get the entire story done before addressing larger plans such as collecting it into trade, digital and adding color. They’ve had close calls with printing the issues and needing to stop at the printer to pick them up before walking directly into the NYCC with the cases.

“Both Abede and I are African-American, and while we’re not going, okay – you have to have tons and tons of African-American characters in your book, it’s just like one of those situations where I think the more you do it with more diverse characters, the less of a big deal it becomes and it just becomes natural. I think that’s what the ultimate people want is.” ~SN

Besides the NYCC, Shaun and Abede try to make the Brooklyn Book Festival.



Correction to the release date of SHAKESPEARE SHAKEN: the digital version of No.130: For Love is August 29, 2012 before the print release. Pre-Orders are being taken for the print copies!

On a different note, I’m still slowly working on the VODKA O’CLOCK book which will contain short stories and recipes inspired by them and the nerdy subculture of comics, literature and pop culture. One of my favorite podcasts and twitter feeds is GRAMMAR GIRL from Quick & Dirty Tips. Mignon talks about common grammar struggles. I asked her if I could name a drink after her and she said she loves a refreshing gin and tonic. Here’s the Grammar Girl Ricky cocktail:

In a shaker of ice add:
2 shots limoncello
1 shot gin
a lemon slice
a couple mint leaves
Shake and pour all of the contents into a chilled glass. Fill the rest of the glass up with tonic. Garnish with lemon slice and a sprig of mint.