AMBER LOVE 06-DEC-2012 Today’s episode features comic book creator Andres Salazar who has a kickstarter campaign for PARIAH, MISSOURI, the four-issue comic series and graphic novel he’s making with penciller Jose Pescador. We geek out to some extraordinary levels over Buffy and Joss Whedon; chat about the resignation of Karen Berger from DC Comics/Vertigo; the joy of comic book binding; and then get into some storytelling insights.

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The show notes are short. Times they are a’changing. I don’t have as much time to pull quotes and transcribe chunks of interviews anymore.

Coming ahead in December, there will be a VODKA O’CLOCK special episode looking back at our favorite things of 2012. Join Ashley, myself, and a few wonderful guests as we reminisce.



Andres’ Nappyheaded Podcast


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