12-JAN-2012 I believe it was San Diego’s Comic Con International that had a booth where men were asked to pose like Wonder Woman to give them a sense how ridiculous female characters’ “sexy but strong” imagery is. Then in November, Kevin Bolk recreated a Marvel Avengers picture putting all the male characters in a pose like the original Black Widow was drawn and giving Black Widow a stance more like their original warrior-ready-for-action stance.

Now fantasy author Jim C. Hines is at it. Hines first did a pose to recreate a character on one of his very own book covers. When he saw the results of the photo his wife took, he went in search of other book covers to mimic and hilarity ensued. Hines points out how uncomfortable the posing was.

FROM jimchines.com

I’ll interject here that anyone not used to posing should try it and see that after 60 seconds, you will have body parts going to sleep and cramping unless you’re an experienced yogi. That’s true no matter sex-neutral the pose is. I always tell the artists I work for that no matter how comfortable a pose is, after 5-10 minutes, my body wants to move. You simply do not realize how often you adjust your toes, fingers, neck when you are trying to not move at all.

There’s probably a tumblr already for Men Posing Like Women. My utter hatred and disdain of tumblr means I’m not about to look it up, but I’d be shocked if a running montage doesn’t already exist.

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