25-JAN-2012 UPDATED: The event details have been set!

WHEN: May 5, 10 am – 6 pm and May 6, 10- am – 5 pm

WHERE: Embassy Suites, Piscataway, NJ (Somerset area), a block of rooms under “Wild Pig” has been created for a discount rate.

SATURDAY AFTER PARTY: O’Brien’s Tavern, Somerset, NJ

12-JAN-2012 It was with a heavy heart that co-founder of COMIC GEEK SPEAK Bryan Deemer announced the 2012 Supershow in Reading, PA has been canceled and he will also be taking a sabbatical. The CGS podcasts will continue as usual. NJ’s WILD PIG COMICS has agreed to set their bi-annual Spring Sale date for May 5th to help the listeners of CGS with their loss of the Supershow.

MAY 5TH is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Naturally that means the comic geek community already had its focus on the celebration of comics and its creators. COMIC FUSION will have its usual festivities of designated free comics and an artists’ alley. Costumers are encouraged to contact the store to coordinate. Comic Fusion is in Flemington, NJ and customers can easily bounce from there to Wild Pig.

WILD PIG has not yet announced the place and exact times yet for the Spring event since the news broke only yesterday about the Supershow cancellation. It will be in NJ rather than PA. Based on past events, likely cities are Somerset, Edison or Kenilworth.

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