NOV, 2010 -Initially my thoughts of THE OZ MEETS WONDERLAND ANACHRONISM at Webster Hall in New York City were that of slight disappointment considering the bland appearance of the first bar and stage area. I was expecting it to look like the entertainment area of a airship, I guess.

One couldn’t help but feel the tension and awkwardness of one of the sets of “actors” which were asked repeatedly to stretch their material; clearly they could have benefited from some scripts or rehearsal. To do improv, you need to know how to do improv. You don’t just get up on stage and hope your friends will have a plot in mind to feed each other lines. Their costumes were beautiful at least. I had even hoped for a picture with their Red Queen since I was sporting my new Alice dress but she was always hustling off somewhere.


The circus portion of the program held on the first floor was rather fantastic. From sword swallowing, glass eating, and tawdry playful burlesque stripteases, those groups and individuals knew what they were doing. Best of that series went to the Snake Charmer and her captive man also under her spell; she wrestled him into a period straight jacket from which he had to escape (in the video below).


Another bit of disappointment was the Absynthe was not flowing when guests first arrived. There was however some excellent mead. Absynthe was something I’ve heard about for so many years and have always wondered why it’s such a bid deal. When I finally did get to sample the Absynthe for the first time, it really wasn’t anything special. I basically had a “meh” reaction. It was like Sambuca and I don’t go giddy with excitement over Sambuca. I just enjoy it. The delight of consuming Absythne by the steampunk crowd reminded me of my high school days when Everclear was the naughty drink to try. I’m not saying it was unpleasant; I’m just saying I don’t get why it’s a big deal and why it’s so hard to come by when you can grow mugwort in your backyard. Is there Victorian beer? Maybe I’d get school girl giddy over that.


Finally adventuring upstairs to the parlors and vendor area, I experienced that magic of entering a steampunk soiree. Too bad the first floor was just a black painted underground club. The warmth of the wood and earth tones of the parlor were so much more inviting. Both floors suffered from dreadful sound engineering with feedback and far too loud amps. Making the speakers louder does not improve the quality of any performance. It also made it impossible to have any kind of conversation and socializing seemed like a point of being there in the midst of all these interesting people. It would have been nice to actually talk to them.


I had made the trek into NYC by car and chose to suffer the traffic Hell of Hoboken rather than risk mass transit which stops running on a timely schedule after midnight. I was extremely happy that once I got there I actually knew a couple of people because I was hating standing in that line by myself.

Oh, in case you missed it on Facebook, I also experienced the worst pick up I’ve ever personally gone through:

Who wants to hear my Worst Pick Up Line Ever story? You know you do.

At the 2010 Steampunk Anachronism, I was wearing my new Dark & Strange version of Alice in Wonderland’s dress. I was a little concerned that the pattern I was using had an apron rather a pinafore (apron with the bib top) and even posted on twitpic that I was afraid it might be too French Maid looking. However, I continued with the design. I think it came out really cute too.

In the upper salon of Webster Hall, I actually did get hit on. Ok, I opened the conversation up with the first guy but don’t blame me; we were at a steampunk show and he was wearing a JLA t-shirt and looks like freaking Superman. The second guy was a bit beyond tipsy, shall we say.

Drunk: “I have a really messy apartment. I don’t mind cleaning it but would rather you did.”

Me (totally knowing where this is going but wanted to make an ass of him): “Why?”

Drunk: “Because you’re a maid!”

Me: “I’m Alice.”

Drunk: “Uh! Uh…”

Me: “Yah, worst pick up line ever.”

Drunk: “Oh, here I…”

Me: “You can go.”

/sigh/ Once again I had asked a few people to go to an event with me and was carrion for the vultures while left unattended; no unwanted sexual assault though so woohoo for improving my situation!

Thanks to Jamie & John for having my back though when they were in between acts. Whenever I get to editing Part 2 of the videos it’s all about the Fashion Show!

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