NOV, 2010 – AERYN of, CosplayDeviants and GodsGirls has been one of my favorite models since I discovered the alt modeling scene. If she wasn’t on the other side of the planet, we’d be doing lots of work together.

What drew you into alternative modeling and what are the benefits over traditional fashion modeling?

There are a variety of reasons. First and foremost that I prefer alternate styles of fashion, photography and sex that the mainsteam just doesn’t provide. It suits me better as it’s who I am.

When did you start modeling?

I first started modeling corsets around the age of 16. It wasn’t anything exciting back then, just friends or acquaintances who made clothing and needed someone to wear them. Most of the work started when I was 18 and was recruited at a nightclub.

How do boyfriends or girlfriends feel about your side career?

I currently don’t have a partner but opinions about by work vary. I’ve known and cared for people who both liked and didn’t like it of both genders. I’m very upfront about what I do and the things that I like, so any person I would choose would be aware of what I would do and would have to be not just comfortable with what I do but supportive and helpful or they wouldn’t be an option for me. It’s very important to have a partner who respects who you are and what you do and shares the same ideals.

Your blogging also shows your fans some insights into your regular life in Australia. It looks like you have a beautiful house and garden. Just how domesticated are you? How much time do you spend in the kitchen?

I take pride in my home but I’m not overly domesticated, I certainly don’t spend much time in the kitchen! In my ideal life I would be working and have a partner to stay at home and take care of things for me. There is nothing sexier than a man or woman who loves to cook for me! I do however enjoy gardening. Sadly I’m not very good at it, but it’s a practice thing. Each season and time around my veggies and flowers are better and better quality. One day I hope I can buy a house of my own (I currently rent) so I could do it up. I think perhaps I would be much more domestic if I had a say over a property, I would love to buy a place to renovate and decorate in my own style.

What other hobbies do you have outside of modeling?

I’ve just started playing D&D in the city with some friends. They have also promised to teach me to play Magic the Gathering. I’ve always wanted to play! I really love table top games and roleplaying. I prefer socializing while gaming, which is why I play less solo games than I used too. I’ve also been getting into social activism. The laws in Australia regarding any adult content or really, anything to do with adults is very silly and it’s important to me to try and change that. There is a major push here to get adult ratings for games as there currently isn’t one and as such many games get banned (Eg; L4D2, Silent Hill, AVP). Almost all pornography (and even art nude) is technically illegal here even though some is still sold. As an adult model and sex industry worker obviously changing that is very important to me personally and for business.

Since you’re a Joss Whedon fan, what’s your favorite Whedon project?

I can’t pick. I honestly can’t… you can’t make me! *laughs*

What do you think Whedon will bring to the Avengers movie?

Hopefully his sense of humour. I haven’t thought too much about it and I don’t honestly want too. I find people get expectations in their minds when they are big fans of a person or series/comic/game, etc. and then find it isn’t what they expected. I don’t think Joss will let anyone down but I prefer not to presume or fantasize about what the film will be like. I’d rather just be pleasantly surprised.

Do you make your costumes, modify or commission them?

A mixture of commission and modifying. I don’t enter cosplay contests so I don’t feel it’s a big deal. Many elitists seem to be under the impression if you don’t make your costume you aren’t a real cosplay but I think that’s just nonsense. I like to dress up as a character I adore and have a blast, and I don’t think where the costume came from matters in that regard. I do practice a little sewing here and there though. I’d love to get more practice and wig coloring and styling.

If it’s ok to ask about your relationship, how do you address your bisexual attractions? Are you allowed to explore them within the confines of your relationship (polyamory)?

For most relationships I’ve been a part of, the other party always expressed a keenness to invite another party however when the opportunity arose they where no longer interested. I don’t want to speculate as to why that was the case as it could have been many things. I find it very difficult to be honest. Society expects people to be in monogamous relationships and even many people who consider themselves open minded still can’t come to grips with a partner needing [what] they can’t provide. I think many people (of both genders) sometimes feel inadequate, which I think is really sad.

I have been guilt tripped before by a partner asking why they weren’t enough and it’s a really difficult thing to deal with. Sexual orientation isn’t a choice. I think it’s wrong to expect someone to flip off a switch and say ‘sorry you’re with me now and I know before hand we agreed on this but I think you should give up (whatever gender) and just be into me now’. It doesn’t work that way. I really don’t think there is an understanding truly of what it means to be bisexual. Too many people think it’s just a trend, or it’s just being promiscuous or something you grow out of but for me it isn’t. It’s just not true. It’s like asking someone why food isn’t enough, why can’t they just give up water. Without both sexually I am just not complete and I just can not be happy.

I hope one day I can find a someone or someones who will feel the same way I do and who I can share an open relationship with. I don’t think it will be easy but I’m sure it is achievable.

Where do you find support for alternative lifestyles?

I have very strong local network of friends who are into various alternative lifestyles. I can always turn to them for advice or to chat. There are also of course many communities online which can cater to more specific lifestyles.

Do the people at your mundane day job know about your side career?

I don’t think so, but I don’t mind if they do. I want to make it very clear I’m not ashamed of my job, however many people aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing and I respect that, just as I expect they respect my choices. I don’t like to rub things in peoples faces. I had a collegaue find out once as he was a member of a website I was working on. He approached me about it and I politely asked him not to mention it. I said it was great that he was open minded and liberal but that I didn’t feel it was appropriate for everyone else to know. When I go to work I go to do my job. My hobbies and private life aren’t topics for at work. I am a professional. He understood and I’m very glad. I know he respects me as a person.

What advice do you have for anyone interesting in alt modeling?

If it’s just general alt modeling: Find your inspiration and work out what you want to do. Do you want to be a pinup queen? Do you like couture fashion? Fetish? Punk style? Wacky artistic photography? Once you know think about the steps you will have to take to get there. Create yourself a profile on a website like modelmayhem and look for some TFP work (Time for print). That way you can get some good photos to start your portfolio with and get some experience without having to pay an arm and a leg. Network and take constructive criticism so you can improve your work over time.

For alt nude modeling or fetish modeling: I have too many things to cover in one interview, lol! First and foremost do your research and remember what’s done cannot be undone. You may not mind getting nakey on the net now but what about down the track? You might have kids in the future who might see it; or their friends might. You won’t be able to work for the government. Working with children is out. It’s serious business! Always be safe. Never do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Set your boundaries and stick to them. No amount of money is worth parting with your morals forever. Research who you want to work for; google is your friend. Look up other models who work for those websites or magazines and see their experiences. Check they are reliable with paying. Check how they advertise their models. I don’t like to work for any sites which are disrespectful to women; keywords of things like sluts, cumdumpsters, whores, bitches, etc. rules a site out for me no questions. When you’ve worked out what you want to do, for whom and what your comfortable with then jump in! Be active, be smart, try your best and remember to have fun!

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