07-JUNE-2011 I’m betting the mighty powers of my super hero gal pal JILL “THE NERDY BIRD” PANTOZZI had a lot to do with influencing the interwebs in the global uproar about DC Comic’s relaunch of the BATGIRL title which takes the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon and removes her from the wheelchair she’s been in for years. Babs’ spinal injury was courtesy of the Joker and propelled the evolution of her into Oracle leaving her bat-cape in the closet. Fans are clambering about the possibilities of retconning or undoing the deed which helped Barbara define herself as a stronger female leader in the DCU.

ELENA BARBARICH (and yamiloo.com) calls out for everyone to create their own fan art, fiction, sculpture, or whatever creation possible showing Barbara as Oracle. Naturally from my perspective, I turned to searching for the cosplay endeavors of my fellow geek community.

ENTER the land of creativity where people are submitting all of their Oracle creations on tumblr!

Below are examples of top notch Oracle costuming/cosplay as seen by the members of The Superhero Costuming Forum.


Gotham Public Works


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