24-OCT-2011 I’m so happy to report that Alyssa from RAVENWOOD MASKS is donating THREE gorgeous leather masks to our charity fundraiser this year at COMIC FUSION the weekend of October 29-30, 2011.

I’ve been an owner of Ravenwood masks for years. I started with the one I wear as Firestar and then I added a bright pink one for the rare times I was Carol Ferris’ Star Sapphire. I do prefer these above gluing latex and silicone to my face.

Alyssa gives each mask genuine expression of emotion with fine details like eye lids or furrowed brows. You’ll look like a serious super hero (or villain!) in any of her creations. Alyssa is a fantastic etsy seller. I was able to send her images from comics and statues with the characters I needed masks for and she found ones closest to them in her shop. She helped me choose the right paint and sparkles to get the colors exactly right too. Plus every once in a while, she offers coupons and sales which anyone who costumes knows can be a very important element to crafting on a budget.

You can also see a lot of costumer pictures at the Facebook Fan Page for Ravenwood Masks. Top costumers such as The Twin Bees and model Kimberly Moore also use these masks.

Once you check out the galleries you’ll see there’s more than just “superhero” genre masks available. If you’re a member of a Mardi Gras krewe or any theatre, you’ll want to take the time to view the entire collection.

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