19-APRIL-2011 Somehow I survived a weekend at Pittsburgh Comic Con which can only be described as “epic” considering the events.


Yes, I worked at PAUL STORRIE’s booth. Not sure how much you could call that “work” since my friend Laura Guzzo seemed to be there more than I was. She did great covering for me while I was off at JOE SINNOTT’S booth and the Inkwell Awards booth taking lots of pictures with Joe while wearing my Fantastic Four costume. I think Paul had an “ok” show but better post-show experience, like many people at Pittsburgh. It’s not the place to make a killing in sales unless you’re an artist that can do a lot of sketches.

Day 1 had a mind-blowing experience (or two) when my friend TOM SMITH (colorist) dragged me over to meet the one and only GEORGE PÉREZ! This is a man that I never thought I’d meet in person. We’d communicated through Facebook, but I figured, that’s “just the internet” and there’s no way that he’d have any recollection of it. I swear that it seemed as if ALL of my costuming friends had met George because of Heroes Con and Dragon*Con which are two shows I’ve never had the chance to attend. I always felt envious of them for those crazy group shots with George and all the members of the Justice League or all of the Lantern Corps. It’s con experiences like that I felt I would never personally get to have simply because travel isn’t free. And hey, this is GEORGE PÉREZ! Even if I’m at the same show, I certainly didn’t think I’d get more than a few seconds to say hello. Well, you just need to watch this video to see what happened when Tom brought me over to the booth.


Day 2 was highlighted by more time with Joe Sinnott. I even started sketching at the booth with him because this is what happens when writers hang out with artists. I’m not about to write you a script at a booth but I will doodle. I drew a Rogue sketch card for him.

SAM WITWER who played Doomsday on SMALLVILLE and currently stars as Aidan on BEING HUMAN (American version) either had a tremendous line at his booth or he wasn’t there when I walked by. I basically wrote it off that it wasn’t a big deal if I never met the guy. Then someone told me that he was a fellow geek and always enjoyed the cons because he loves comics so much. When I walked past his vacant booth, I decided to visit one of my dearest friends, artists JAY FIFE who I’ve written about a lot on this site. Who the hell do I see when I get down the aisle? None other than Sam himself buying some beautiful Fife art! I almost died. Literally. I was hyperventilating. Jay was yelling at me to calm down. I couldn’t. Bottom line. Fangirl embarrassment took over. I was toast. Stick a fork in me. Insert every cliché here. I asked Jay if he had the Steampunk Bride of Frankenstein prints done that he used me as a model for; he did and I signed one to Sam and stuffed it in his pile of other prints because I’m a great big dork that way.

The post-con highlights involved pestering the one and only SEAN MCKEEVER as much as possible. Why not? He’s fun to play with. I’d let him in my treehouse, swear to god.



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6 Comments on 2011 Pittsburgh Comic Con recap

    • He certainly does, SuperRae.com. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe it. He’s really a nice guy and might I say, wonderfully fun to be picked up by.

  1. Hmmm, that’s weird that you say that about Pittsburgh being big for artists who can do a lot of sketches, Amber. The last two years (which were also my first attending Pittsburgh) I DID do a lot of commissions. This year? One. But I sold 16 books (5 of “You Can’t Print Flick” and 11 “You STILL Can’t Print Flick”).

    This year was the first time I ever sold double digits in books. But only one commission… highly unusual. Of course, I did PLENTY of sketching AFTER the con at various parties though, right? 😉

    Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know… a certain furry werewolf tells me a certain someone named “Amber” might be appearing in next week’s Capes & Babes strips…

    Of course, I wouldn’t trust a werewolf with a ten foot pole, but that’s just me.

    • Well, the full moon was yesterday so I’m not sure if you can trust a werewolf more or less during that time. I can’t wait to find out!

    • That’s another show I’ve never seen that people talk about all the time! Like Deadwood or Sex & The City. I miss a lot. He honestly very low key (unlike my dolphinesque fangirl squealing). Nice guy.

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