OCT, 2010 – I was lucky to attend the GREAT ALLENTOWN COMIC CON this past Saturday, the day before Halloween. I think people were in the spirit to dress up in costume and enjoy comics. There are never costumes at a small show but we had enough to hold a few contests.

Some fans have expressed that they’re jealous because I got to NYCC but then I’m always jealous of the people that got to San Diego, Dragon*Con, Emerald City, Heroes, and Chicago. All of us want to experience all the shows. The nice thing about small shows is that they are more affordable and much more laid back. I often tell people that they should be hitting up these small shows. It depends on why you go. Are you a back issue shopper? Are you looking to meet creators? Are you hoping to get original art? There are literally thousands of shows in the U.S. so do yourself a favor and look into exploring more than the just big media circuses.


At Allentown, just like at CGS Supershow, you can take the time to meet an artist asking questions while he sketches and never feel like you’re annoying the people in line behind you. Obviously, one still requires manners and etiquette; you can spend 20 minutes talking but they are there to work after all.

The funniest part of the show was when a young boy around 10 years old  asked me a question about my Wonder Woman costume. I usually keep my hands on my hips due to the lack of pockets or anything creative to do with my arms. This puts my bullet-deflecting bracers very near my chest; I’m short with a really short torso plus certain things don’t defy gravity. This boy said, “Nice cans.” I was shocked and could only say, “What?” And he clarified. At least I’m sure he thought he was clarifying. “Aren’t those cans?” And honestly, it took me one more time before he pointed to my bracers and I realized to what he was actually referring since all my brain wanted to say, “Well, yes, sometimes they’re called cans. Thanks.” Luckily, I refrained.

The costumes were fun, especially these adorable little girls who were Wonder Women and Pricess Leia. I got to catch up a little bit with the lovely Victoria as Black Canary, who was previously Catwoman at our Wonder Woman Weekend in New Jersey.

Spending some quality time with Jay Fife, Nick Mockoviak, Dave Wachter and Tony Guagliardo is what actually made the little show so incredibly special.

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1 Comment on Great Allentown Comic Con Recap

  1. Looks like it was a great time… One of the many Cons I’ll have to get to!

    Also you need to wait about 10 years to remind the 10 year old of what he said to you!

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