Unfortunately the Kubert School is booked up with models until January. That makes today’s double shift my last one of 2010 which is truly disappointing. I love their classes. Nonetheless, I booked as much as they’d let me for January, 2011 which is 3 days.

The instructor Joel  gave one of his sketches to me today and it was from one of our final poses. He gave me a rather heavy sword to play with. Luckily, Joel has some private studio time and said he’ll book me outside of school.

I also found out that my main part-time job will be ending in January as the owner has decided to sell her shop and has to be out by February. This means my plans for conventions is severely impacted if I don’t get paid work, not to mention affording mundane things like paying the bills.

Here’s my little shout out to artists and writers that have booths at cons: if you need an assistant who loves draw attention to a booth and you can cover my expenses, let me know asap. I think I’m a pretty damn good booth babe. I don’t just stand there. I actually work and I will gladly do so in very uncomfortable shoes and attire if you need help. I can usually find someone to room share with so that at least helps a bit with expenses (and honestly, if I trust you, I don’t care if rooms are co-ed).

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