The latest sets at Cosplay Deviants highlight a playful Japanese influence to American pop culture. While a good portion of that influence has branched off into what’s called “Lolita” and entails adapting a little girl charm with a grown woman’s body; these new sets at CosDev maintain a more traditional and innocent look. The ladies’ costumes aren’t overtly sexy but what they do while wearing the costumes is making for photosets that have a compelling draw to them, even for fans that normally steer clearly of the manga comics.

3 Comments on Japanese Influence at Cosplay Deviants

    • Do those girls actually like what they’re modeling? Are they geeks at heart? Hey, if you’re into that fake boob look that’s fine but I can’t believe you’d come to my site and basically insult me and my friends. I give you credit though, at least you didn’t do it anonymously which keeps you from being a typical internet troll.

  1. hi, sorry, i didnt meant to offend You (honestly, I didnt know that the blog writer/owner also a model, or whatever:)

    About the geeks of heart question: i dont know, but according to the website, they are, as they have fav. games listed, fav. movies, fav. cosplays, etc. About the fake boobs: i’ll be honest: yes, i like’em:)

    But your images are also nice – i love both cosplayerotica and cosplaydeviants, so I am balanced lol!

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