My computer was attacked rather badly last night. At least three malware programs infected it down through the registry. I thought Vista + a reputable antivirus protected me against such things but I have lost everything! Every file. Every review. Every photo. Every video.

I have some things on cd and very few things on my netbook. I have to find all of my software and reinstall it. Then figure out how the hell I set up my home network because I don’t remember how I did it and I don’t know how else to copy the files from the netbook other than filling up a jump drive repeatedly.

Amber is not happy. Amber wants to severely punish the people who do this.

They do it because they can and for no other reason. Like super villains at a computer with internet access, they write this shit solely to hurt people. They don’t make money off it; they don’t gain anything from it. Their motivation is the masochistic pleasure they achieve.

I don’t have any idea how long it will take for me to rebuild things and get back up and running. I’m sorry to cause any delays in releasing new photos, videos and reviews.  I had been at a point where I was releasing something once or twice a week either here or at youtube or on one of the other sites like DF and GEN. All the fonts, scans, templates and backups are gone. Yes, even my financial and sewing software programs. Gone.

a) I apologize for delays and letting anyone down who was supposed to get something from me;

b) Do not rely on Microsoft or an antivirus program. I’m going to see about one of the paid services for backups and recovery. I can’t afford it. I can’t afford my rent right now, but my files are my livelihood as meager as it is.

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5 Comments on System Failure!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the mess Amber. While I know very little about the intcicacies of computer, my brother-in-law convinced tme to buy an extrenal harddrive last year. You can get a decent one for $100 or so and all you need to do is upload newly added info to it from your computer on occassion to ensure that you have a back-up.

  2. That really sucks! Hopefully you will be able to recover very soon and get back what you need.

  3. i agree with fred i just got a nice 1 terrabyte drive for about 118 bucks including tax and shipping from best buy i just plugged it into my power strip and a usb port and it worked that was it been working great

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