Thank you for your patience as I lose more of my sanity trying to rebuild my computer. The good news is my files were recovered; the bad news is not all the files are cooperating and able to be opened. Vista has files in directories; I move them but they don’t move to where I choose. My administration of my own computer is crazy. It looks like I have multiple user accounts on one screen but not in the control panel. I’m frustrated and confused to say the least.

A couple gracious Comic Geek Speak fans have tried to come to my rescue. Paul French is trying to help me edit a video about convention tips; Matt made a house call during the “crisis” to see if he could get my internet working which coincidentally also died immediately after the computer virus was quarantined. That was a whole ‘nother dilemma that made no sense and ended up being a short in the cable connection in the basement of the building. One thing after another. My brand new cell phone even stopped functioning over the weekend but seems okay now.

I have to reinstall all my programs which takes quite a while. Then test them. This is where some of the current problems are. Movie Maker 6.0 comes with Vista but can’t work on it! Genius. So I downloaded version 2.6 per all the support forums I read; my files still won’t open and I have no idea where all my Collections are (they’re like directories which link to your local files for editing).

Without being at the computer, I have more time for reading comics and modeling! That’s a good thing, right? So if I get time to type I’ll do some reviews the old fashioned way (my pieces are due over at Dynamic Forces and the Girls Entertainment Network anyway). I also started modeling for a local art club here in town which has gotten bored with fake breasts and fake tans. I’m happy to do it, nervous as I am.

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