This isn’t about your typical charity fundraiser. It’s not one of those tax-deductible sort of things. However, it would mean a lot to folks involved including myself.

I’m the spokesmodel for the Guns of Shadow Valley comic book which is online and completely free at The comic is the blood, sweat and tears of Dave Wachter (and his posse James and Thomas). It was just nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic which is like the Academy Award of comic book awards. Dave has been living the joyous freedom filled life of an independent artist for years. We have plans to attend the San Diego Comic Con for two nights just to go to the Eisner Awards dinner. If you’ve heard of it, you probably know how crazy expensive that trip is.

The extremely generous people that the Pittsburgh Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School offered to give all of their May proceeds to Dave to fund his trip to San Diego. The event details are but the brief is that it’s May 24th, a Monday night at the Gypsy Cafe. You don’t have to stay the whole night of course if you’re like me and get up in the wee hours for a day job, but coming out to support the Guns comic would be truly appreciated.

For $15, you can sketch, sculpt or photograph sexy cowgirls who will be modeling (including myself) and partake in a variety of Dr. Sketchy’s hilarious contests with prizes of course including our sponsor Boyd & Blair vodka. It should go without saying but the food at the Gypsy is to die for. Chef Jim Dietz and manager Melanie know how to make people happy with food and drinks. They invented the Wachter Waffles and the Peckinpahguerita in Dave’s honor when he got the nomination.

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