Amber Love 07-JUNE-2012 This week’s episode of VODKA O’CLOCK #1215 features comic creator STEVE BRYANT. We get into details about his comic series with Mark Waid, STEED & MRS. PEEL through Boom! Studios and Steve’s creator-owned work ATHENA VOLTAIRE. As two self-deprecating Leo signs get together, it’s an hour of pulp comic banter for you.

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STEED & MRS. PEEL is on page 263 of the June issue of Previews catalog. Make sure you let your retailer know if you want all the covers.

PREVIEWS: The Original Avengers. The Original Hellfire Club. Mark Waid.
The all-time favorite Avengers episode “A Touch of Brimstone” that inspired legendary X-MEN team Chris Claremont and John Byrne to create Marvel’s Hellfire Club and enduring hero/villain The White Queen continues with a brand-new ongoing series from DAREDEVIL and IRREDEEMABLE’s Mark Waid. Taking place in the continuity of the original TV series, find out how the hottest super-spy duo of all time takes on the dreaded Hellfire Club in this sexy, action-packed adventure where the gloves come off…and the leather goes on. With stunning artwork from ATHENA VOLTAIRE’s Steve Bryant, you won’t want to miss the return of this modern classic! Don’t forget to ask your retailer about the limited edition JOSPEH MICHAEL LINSNER variant that comes with a CGC certified Near Mint 9.8 grade!

The original Kickstarter campaign for ATHENA VOLTAIRE grew from a 48-page book to around 300 pages of content. The Kickstarter back end details like taxes and fees was a burden that Steve faced and reminds newcomers about those pitfalls.

“In the new backstory her dad was a stage magician. I had fallen in love with the idea of the stage magic and how that could also explain so much of her skill set.” ~SB

He describes ATHENA as Indiana Jones starring a Joss Whedon style female pilot. Aside from exciting new versions of the Athena backstory, Steve has been working on a huge collaboration with other writers to expand Athena’s 1930s universe. ATHENA VOLTAIRE PULP ADVENTURES is the title of the prose anthology that will be out after all the new graphic novel material.

“Everyone is bringing something different. It’s gone well beyond anything I’d hoped. There’s virtually no crossover in terms of everyone having the same idea. Everyone’s had a different tact.” ~SB

“The beauty of doing this book that we’ve got is there are so many people contributing very different aspects of what I’d personally like to explore as well.” ~SB

We even take some time playing the fantasy casting game of who should play Athena in a live action role. It’s a silly but creative way to get in touch with a character.

Steve expresses his inspiration from Dave Stevens’ and THE ROCKETEER. We chatted about other greats like Al Williamson, Steve Rude, Darwyn Cooke and Steve’s peers at There are certain creators that resonant with anyone into comics and creative endeavors where you come across work that still makes you feel like an excited 9-year-old.

“If you ever want to get  your book signed or show your work to someone  you like, do it, because we don’t know how long any of these people have.” ~SB


Steve Bryant on Twitter

Athena Voltaire Fan Page


Tumblr – Steve Bryant


I stumbled across a recipe database when looking for the perfect Athena Voltaire cocktail. I found something called the Atlantic Sun which sounds delicious:

2 cl Smirnoff® vodka
2 cl Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
2 cl Monin® passion-fruit syrup
6 cl sweet and sour mix
1 dash club soda
Shake all the ingredients, top the drink with soda. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Read more: Atlantic Sun recipe

Or The Sky Pilot:

1 part Skyy® vodka
1 part Bailey’s® Irish cream
1 dash peppermint schnapps
Add together and serve.

Read more: Sky Pilot recipe

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