My etsy shop has been neglected for several months but I’d like to draw attention to my crazy version of Harley Quinn. I need to attend the Comic Con International in San Diego this year so that I can be the +1 of Dave Wachter whose comic, the Guns of Shadow Valley has been nominated for an Eisner. The Eisner Awards are the Friday night of SDCC. We will be flying out Friday morning and coming back to PA on Sunday. It’s crazy but it’s really important that we be there. The hotel prices are crazy and if anyone knows the horrors of trying to get one with the con discount, you know they sell out within minutes. At this point, it’s pretty late to try and get a room and even ones a few miles away are well over $200 a night.

So why am I whining about all this? I do have a few items up for sale and I’d really appreciate if customers jumped at the purchases now to relieve my mind a bit about paying the SD trip. I’m even going to bail out of Heroes Con in order to have a day and half at San Diego (unless money suddenly falls into my lap because I don’t get paid vac as a temp).

I added the pink & black tote bag and the Star Sapphire T-shirt to the Etsy shop. Please take a look. I’m not taking any special orders at this time so what’s listed is what I have available until I can make more updates.

If you don’t know a kooky girl in need of a neon jester suit, perhaps there’s something for you too. I just launched the paid section of my site, It’s nothing “too racy” or “XXX” but it’s images that won’t be safe for work. Since I can’t update the paid content too often being that it’s just a p/t thing for me, my subscription fee is dirt cheap and there’s also plenty of free content like my interviews with Kirby Krackle and Jim Rugg. But any subscriptions and modeling jobs will be helping me pay for convention travel.

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