Death Rays. Robots. Superheroes. Girls. Wii. These are the subjects within the songs of KIRBY KRACKLE. This is a talented band that won my heart the first time I heard them on Comic Geek Speak.

One of the things I want to do with this website is not just focus on myself but also on all the things I love. Like KITTENS, UNICORNS, AND SUNSHINE!! No, just kidding. Although there very well may be interruptions by supercat Caico. So I hope you continue to check out my interviews here at GEN and at Dynamic Forces depending who my subject is.

KIRBY KRACKLE band mates, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens are true blood nerds that incorporate everything from video gaming to comics into their diverse songs. They have an indie-pop style that hypnotizes you into singing along. The first album features one of my favorite songs, Marvelous Girls which talks about how sexy and powerful the ladies of the Marvel Comics Universe are; and there’s Villain Song which I’ve enjoyed using as in my credits when I have something bad ass to review like Dr. Horrible.

You’ll want to befriend Jim and thank him not only for his music but also for his other contribution to the comic industry, the Emerald City ComiCon which he founded. I’ve never had the pleasure of attended though my friends tell me it is truly one of the best con experiences in America. He’s also a founder of The Comic Stop, a rare chain of comic book stores.

Kyle’s music spans the globe. He’s written for an singer in Australia and opened for Norah Jones. His adventures with his musical career are blogged on a separate site. Kyle’s a busy guy and you should check out his Songs from the Orange Room. He seems to open up his heart and sing about emotions in a way most “regular” guys have trouble doing. He’s not going to woo you like Julio Iglesias but he’s got an honest sound with sweet lyrics that say it like it is.

I had the privilege of shooting some questions over to Jim & Kyle.


What do you think about the transformation of geek culture from being embarrassing to cool?

I think it’s awesome, it’s something I’ve been espousing for a very long time, basically that the stuff that we’re in to is something that’s actually cool, I’m just glad people are starting to take notice that it actually is.

As nerd guys, were you ever too shy to talk to girls before you became geek celebs?

First, I don’t know that I’d consider myself a geek celeb at all, but I will say that in high school, I definitely was super nerdy and wasn’t really able to talk to girls or be all that confident around them. I ‘broke out of my shell’ as it were, in college and have been pretty outgoing ever since, so no problem at all these days, I’m a very social person.

What comics and shows are you currently addicted to?

I’m finally watching Mad Men on DVD, it’s a great show, I love Fringe, Big Bang Theory (required geek watching), How I Met Your Mother and my one reality show addition, The Amazing Race. Comics-wise, there’s not even enough room to talk about everything I read, so I’ll pick one from each of the top four – Green Lantern from DC, Agents of Atlas from Marvel, Walking Dead or Choker from Image, Daytripper from Vertigo (though I read American Vampire this week and it’s awesome) and the Hellboy/BPRD stuff from Dark Horse. I also read tons of indys as well, so many comics, so little time!

What compelled you to start ECCC?

I just wanted to bring a big show to Seattle after going around the country and seeing other cool shows, knowing the NW could support one. So far, so good!

How many people does it take to run a convention?

A lot, we couldn’t do it without our almost 100 dedicated volunteers and friends who give up their entire weekend to make sure the con runs as smoothly as possible!

How many months of planning are involved?

It’s pretty much year-round at this point, I’m already working on the 2011 show!


Have you ever been “that guy” with your guitar and singing on a sidewalk?

HA! No I haven’t, nor have I been that guy who brings his guitar to house parties in the hopes that someone wants to here a 1/2 hour worth of Sublime covers. Never really appealed to me but may have to try it someday. You can get a lot of dimes that way can’t you? Aw yeah!!

Is it true you play guitar just to impress girls? (Hey, it’s what I heard!)

You know, if I was playing it to impress girls I would have stopped along time ago. Do you mean my grandma? Ok then hell yes! Seriously though, you make me remember my 8th grade talent show where my buddy and I wrote an original song that was a wwwwaaayyyyy too long 6 minute tune. There was actually a cute girl that I hoped would like it, but sadly the guys that played “About A Girl” by Nirvana in jean shorts and polos had the ladies swooning. Damn! That’s when I decided I needed a distortion pedal. 🙂

Do you have a boring day job that offsets the fun of Kirby Krackle?

I do have a day job as a songwriter for a production company out of Hawaii called Island Film Group. The ask me for songs to put in their movies/shows and I try my best to fit the mold they set up. It’s fun and I’m very lucky to have a day job that also revolves around songwriting. It’s my favorite thing to do and maybe the only skill I have on this Earth other than eating candy. I love candy.

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