featurebanner_karlslominski_interviewAMBER LOVE 07-MAY-2012 This week’s hour of VODKA O’CLOCK features KARL SLOMINSKI, comic book artist of GOLGOTHA and ASHES with some other projects in the works. Karl is a graduate of The Joe Kubert School. He lives a bit like a hermit and shies away from comic conventions but you can certainly find him on Twitter at @KidReverie. This episode is rather explicit in particular we discuss the controversy of SAGA being pulled down from the Apple Store. He has never considered himself a fan of mainstream comics and instead veered into pulps like THE ROCKETEER.


“I was like an earlier Day Goth before the Marilyn Manson hoopla.” ~KS

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GOLGOTHA touches upon on the world of H.P. Lovecraft but not into those wild surreal worlds. It’s a very grounded story about a group of drug addicts trying to solve the mystery of who stole Lovecraft’s skull from his final resting place.

“I don’t know if it’s [being Goth] so much of a subculture as it was the kids who got picked last in gym banding together.” ~KS

We chatted about the environment of indie comics and the awards recognition process. As a creator voting for your favorite things in the industry, you can’t be afraid to use write-in slots. It’s the only way to get some great projects on the radar of mainstream-minded judges.

Naturally, I bring the conversation into porn issues and the popularity of comic book parodies.

“Twitter is turning conversation into a Weight Watchers program – counting those characters.” ~KS

ashes-intpgTalking about Karl’s project with Mario Candelaria lead to the reveal that the New York City Fire Department has the copyright for “FDNY” which makes it difficult for comic creators to figure out how to work around a story set there.

Karl describes himself as only attractive because he’s so non-threatening and not that tall. He’s not hip with the latest technology nor pop culture beyond the 90s. He is addicted to men’s fashion and always wears three-piece suits and ties with retro glasses.

Karl slams me down for the way I berate my own physical appearance. He says he both hates and loves himself equally. He despises when women get down on themselves for their size.

“It’s always been populated with pretty people with perfect figures and all that and it’s nonsense. Man, I would totally draw the shit outta a book that had a chunky Catwoman. That would be great!”


Karl on Twitter

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