featurebanner_fcbd2013AMBER LOVE 07-MAY-2013 It was an amazing way to celebrate the new location of COMIC FUSION in Flemington, New Jersey, by hosting the annual Free Comic Book Day with lots of comic book creators, cosplayers, a face painting artist, and all the volunteers. The shop even had a classic arcade game available. I think all of the visitors were impressed with the store’s new space and hopefully that means we’ll have new regular shoppers for comics, games, shirts and statues; plus it would be great all of them returned in October for our huge annual fundraiser for domestic violence survivors.

We were also joined by a new photographer friend Jim Fogarty who snapped some cosplay pictures for us. You can find his Facebook under JFCP.

I just purchased a SONY bloggie camera and this was a good opportunity to test out the still mode. Honestly, it’s not nearly as good as I was expecting but it was nice to have a camera outside my cell phone that wouldn’t drain its battery in an hour. The bloggie has a terrible delay when you push the shutter button so you have to hold perfectly still taking any photo and so do your subjects, which in a con setting is almost impossible. It’s fine for staged shots when you can ask people to hold still.

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3 Comments on #FCBD 2013 photos from @ComicFusion, NJ

  1. Good to see you back in costume. The Bombshell Wonder Woman outfit looks really great. Nice work.

    • It was really hard to get back into. I was thrilled to have a non-spandex version that’s more “forgiving.” I love sewing spandex more but not wearing it.

      • I cannot even imagine, since I’ve only worn spandex in public once and would’ve been more been more comfortable naked.

        Anyway, your hard work was worth it. That is a cool, distinctive costume.

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