APRIL, 2011 – On Saturday, 16-April and Sunday, 17-April, I’ll be at the PITTSBURGH COMIC CON bouncing between a few booths. The votes are in and I’ll be wearing my Dark & Strange Alice outfit and my Fantastic Four Sue Storm (notice, I never ever call her Susan Richards).

I put out a call to everyone on Facebook and Twitter asking them to help me choose two outfits between some of my lesser known characters: Susan Storm (well known but not in cosplay), Firestar, Power Girl, Ace, Twilight Guardian, and my original Dark & Strange Alice.

My primary location will be with my writing mentor PAUL STORRIE (@storrieville) who will have his latest graphic novel MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER: MADE FOR EACH OTHER volume 2 available for purchase and signing.

Beyond the series title (I mean, MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER is pretty evocative on its own), I’d say the series is the paranormal romance of TWILIGHT filtered through the snarky, but still affectionate lens of SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Love can be both scary and funny. Here it’s both, with a little mayhem thrown in.

Since Paul is from Detroit this is yet another example of someone I rely on (probably too often) that I only get to see maybe once a year at a convention. Stupid geography!

Second booth assignment is for my super fun pals at STORMWATCH COMICS! This a great shop in south Jersey (West Berlin exactly) owned by one of my dear friends Bob Hoskins. I have had the pleasure of appearing at the shop to celebrate the Fantastic Four and now I will get to join the other Stormwatch Girls at the con booth. I know there will be a sexy Black Widow. Not sure about the rest of the character choices. In the past there have been Robin and Arisia.

Officially, my last assignment is joining one of the greatest comic book artists of all time, JOE SINNOTT. I had the chance to stand at Joe’s booth while wearing my Susan Storm costume that he had signed for me and it was such a memorable experience that I asked if I could do it again. As I said, I’m still not sure what I’m wearing but it’s kind of a natural choice for me to be Susan whenever Joe is around.



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