13-APRIL-2011 The final issue of SWEETS hits shelves today. It would be a shame if you have been missing this action-packed miniseries by Kody Chamberlain. Not to worry, the trade paperback should be out in the summer.
Publisher: Image
Creator: Kody Chamberlain 

Excerpt from DYNAMIC FORCES review: The final issue of SWEETS leads to a surprising reveal which had been only teased up to this point. Some greater than normal, perhaps super-natural, elements come to light. Readers had been moving through the rapid paces of police detective Curt DeLatte on the hunt of this serial killer while being given scenes to the killer’s childhood. The past and current timelines cohesively merge as Tony Landry (aka Sweets) gets some help from a New Orleans homeless friend and Tony’s special “sight” comes across as less of a psychosis and more of a scientific development than a reader may have believed before.

Rating: 10/10

* Chamberlain combines real life with history, government conspiracies, special abilities and mental illness within a very special crime noir drama.
* Be prepared for a rapid pace story the pushes you to the next panel before completely absorbing the one you’re on. After one read, you’ll want to take the time to give it another turn like watching Die Hard for the hundredth time.


Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4

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