19-OCT-2011 *BREAKING*  An apparent murder-suicide has taken the lives of a couple and their two children in West Chester County, NY. The parents were in the midst of a “nasty divorce” according to ABC News.

To help bring awareness to domestic violence and aid the community of survivors, please learn about NJ’s Superhero Weekend and Women of Wonder Day.

The week of August 22, 2011 the news from California reported on a police officer being shot in the neck during a domestic disturbance in El Cajon. The officer managed to run to a safer around while other officers provided cover. Then his colleagues dragged him to safety and he was taken to the hospital. After a few days, the reports indicated that he was still in stable condition.

The officer was shot by Kevin Collier who was on a “rampage” after his wife Alyssa had filed for divorce. Collier also set the family home on fire. The Collier family Kevin, Alyssa (Rakov) and Rhilee recently moved to New Jersey for Collier to work as a wiring contractor but the job didn’t last long, according to CBS 8 in San Diego. Collier shot their only child, a 14-month-old daughter Rhilee. Then Collier killed his mother-in-law Beverly. Alyssa was left surviving after losing her mother, daughter and consequently her husband who was the victim of his own crimes.

The videos show the police officer as he was shot and running away:



18-OCTOBER-2011 in Bakersfield, California there are yet more victims of the “collateral damage” from a domestic dispute. A 41-year-old man took his own life after threatening his wife, their children and his co-workers.

Another case in that area: Mysteriously a fire was set upon a house and it’s believe that the arsonist was an ex-boyfriend. The fire spread to a neighbor’s house  sending one person to the hospital.

The article on BakersfieldNow.com continues with yet another story: “Last week in Seal Beach, an ex-husband walked into his wife’s workplace in a salon and allegedly shot and killed her. The collateral damage here was great. Police said he also shot and killed eight other people and wounded another.”


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