For those of you that have been sticking around me and my YouTube Channel since my first show on May 22, 2008, you might have noticed that I have some favorite channels I regularly watch. One of them is ComicBookClub featuring three wonderful geeky guys, Justin, Alex and Pete from New York City. For years now I’ve been hoping to get on their show or at least visit them at the People’s Improv Theatre on a Tuesday night. My (irrational) fear of going to NYC on my own and getting back to NJ in one piece has prevented me from actually accomplishing this goal.

However, I went out on a limb and asked Alex if it would be possible to get on the show to talk about Wonder Woman Day while all of us were in NY for Comic Con. I was thrilled that they were willing to accommodate me! When it got to be time to meet up with Pete, I was panicking due to the lack of knowledge of the NYCC volunteer who sent me through the incorrect long line trying to get my press pass for the show. I ended up running to the booth out of breath and sweaty when Pete was ready to roll camera.

Here’s the link to the interview. Just fair warning to any observers that Newsarama has pop-up ads. Sorry but they have bills to pay too.

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