dexcon17AMBER LOVE 29-JUNE-2014 We’re post celebrating that VODKA O’CLOCK has published over 100 episodes over the last couple of years. The 100th post was one of the panel recordings at the Special Edition NYC convention. I’d love for you to go back and check out that panel on transgender issues because it a topic that today’s guest AVONELLE WING and I discuss regarding her ways of making the Double Exposure productions more inclusive for all people of all ages, genders, gaming experience and ethnic background. Like the Jeff Mach steampunk events, Double Exposure will go out of their way to insure the safety of anyone that might be nervous about attending because they might not feel they can be themselves in every day life. July 2-6 is this year’s DEXCON so hurry up and make plans to be there.

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This episode won’t have a great deal of show notes due to some time constraints. The pre-registration for DEXCON ends tonight at midnight. It was vital to me to get this out to you as soon as possible. Please listen to Avi’s incredible messages about feminism, trans issues, and her goal to make all their shows inclusive. She specifically asks for any gaming community minorities or people that are from populations that lack representation to contact her. Whether it’s for her assurances that the environment is safe from harassment or if it’s to invite you to run a game at a future event. Dexcon is there for all gamers.

As for the kids’ events this year, there are games where gaming experienced kids are leading their own gaming sessions. There’s a Homestuck game being organized for 30 people by a 14-year-old. Then, don’t worry, at a reasonable time when kids are going to bed, the schedule won’t have kids’ sessions.

July 4th at midnight is the D20 Burlesque. I’m not usually functioning that late but I will be there.

Finally, at the end of this episode Avi mentions Lillian Cohen Moore who has been a guest on Vodka O’Clock before.


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