AMBER LOVE 31-JAN-2013 It was my honor to have MIKE PERKINS from Beware Comics and 215ink join me as co-host on this episode with our very special guest, the journalist LILLIAN COHEN-MOORE to discuss her recent experience at the NASA Social. We have an hour here to nerd out over science, gaming, and comics.

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When it comes to incorporating loves of science and gaming, Lillian recommends Plague Inc. to try your virtual hand at creating plagues and destroying the world. Naturally, Mike’s extensive knowledge informed us about the time scientists turned to World of Warcraft to model a pandemic.

“Would you like to play Global Thermo-Nuclear War?”

lillian cohen moore2Besides journalism coverage about science and gaming, Lillian has fiction work coming out soon. We discussed her successful Kickstarter for Village by the Sea. It will be available digitally and in print, at least for the limited runs of backers of the campaign. One of the rewards was the option of getting digital autographs for the ebook. Her project was the first time I heard about e-autographs. One of the services for that is Authorgraph. The situation for getting Lillian to NASA was different so she opted for GoFundMe instead of Kickstarter because she was looking for personal funding without the larger obligations of reward tiers. Digital release for Village by the Sea is expected to be in March.

“You can never watch too much LEVERAGE.”

Lillian wraps up talking about misogyny in gaming, not just video gaming and inappropriate physical contact that happens at conventions; unfortunately even Mike who is over 6-ft tall has had bad experiences as well. It’s like all of us have personally or know someone who has been affected by sexual harassment.

Mike gives AmberUnmasked and Vodka O’Clock the exclusive news that JIM STARLIN will have a 96-page MIND GAMES graphic novel published by 215ink. Ordering will be in June. Available in print and digital. Also, FLUTTER pre-orders are still being collected. Plus there’s an anthology of 215ink creators compiled into over 300 pages of glorious comic short stories. The collection for Mike’s title BEWARE COMICS will be out in May.


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