31-AUG-2011 Comic Geek Speak host Bryan Deemer plotted nefariously behind the scenes with one of his co-hosts, Pants, to make secret arrangements for a “comics only” convention in LONDON! All the details are on the new website, LONDON SUPER COMIC CONVENTION set for February 25-26, 2012. I can’t wait to hear about what Pants will eat considering I don’t think Golden Corral is over there.

CGS host Jamie D who has been battling breast cancer, had been hoping to see England. Fans graciously donated the money to him for hospital bills and also for him to have his wish of traveling to the U.K. Now all of this is for real. It’s being planned. Jamie and his sister Shana will finally get to meet the CGS and comic fans of the European contingency.

Deemer says they are planning on bringing a fair amount of American comic creators over so that the fans can meet them but they are also booking local creators to establish a solid balance appealing to all branches of the fandom.

Costumes are encouraged! Apparently the shows that do exist in England aren’t quite to same as we have here in the States. Get your spandex and armor and get ready for a unique experience. Riders of the Tube will no doubt stare, but I’ve worn my Power Girl on the NJ/NY ferry in the past. You do what you have to.

There’s some info on Facebook now too. The show is discussed at the beginning of CGS episode 1117.

So far the creators appearing include:

  • * Howard Chaykin
  • * Rob Guillory
  • * Phil Jimenez
  • * Bob Layton
  • * Tony Moore
  • * David Petersen
  • * George Perez
  • * Rick Remender
  • * Bernie Wrightson

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