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George O’Connor and I have been friends for years. We met through Comics Experience, the online school for making comics what feels like fifty years ago. George is still one of my brothers. And, I’m to report that Comics Experience has evolved since then. There are now Master Classes, a mentoring program, and its publishing arm.

Creative lives come in many forms. For George, he’s a writer, a musician in a heavy metal band, a husband and father. He also manages all of that with a day job.

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George took the helm on CHARLIE’S SPOT and went through CEX Publishing for his newest comic, co-created with artist and writer Meredith Laxton, colored by Allie Pipitone, and lettered by the one and only Taylor Esposito of Ghost Glyph Studios.

This episode can basically be broken into two parts: living the life of a creative person and making comics; and meditation tips.

George O'Connor

CHARLIE’S SPOT is a heartwarming story about the people who spend all their days or nights living in a big city park. Charlie is a veteran who panhandles for money and sometimes sells a painting. When readers meet Charlie (page 1 is a leap forward) in the flashback bulk of the story, he’s at a point in his life were he doesn’t recognize his worth as a human being. Not as a husband, father, or friend. He’s protective of his busking spot which is considered the best spot in the entire park. He has to take action that he doesn’t want to in order to get his spot back after other people take it over.

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