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Joining Vodka O’Clock for the very first time is TAYLOR ESPOSITO. I know him primarily as a comic book letterer so this is a time to get to know him better in this casual conversation.

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Taylor’s credits are lengthy and most of them are with Marvel and DC Comics. Now that DC is leaving New York City, it’s time for Taylor to move on to new things. He and his wife Nicole have opened their own studio in New Jersey, Ghost Glyph Studios, for graphic design and comic book lettering.

He worked for years learning the ropes in Marvel’s production department. He learned about lettering and print production on the job. He was among the first to set up comic book guided views for Marvel. If you don’t read digitally, what that means is that the tablet zooms in on a panel and when you advance to the next, it knows which panel is in sequence and keeps them zoomed in. It’s why I don’t think page turns in digital are of importance like they are in printed comics.

We explored the death of beloved characters, reboots, and whether characters aren’t developed to their potential in films.

“The worst time for me is when I have nothing to do.” ~Taylor Esposito

Taylor has a hard time taking a vacation from work because he loves his work so much.

“I can’t help it. I like working.” ~Taylor Esposito

Taylor had the opportunity to work on some of some of the most iconic titles in comics in the Batman office, X-Men, Deadpool and so many more.

We nerded out about everything from the Death of Superman to movies. He also gives encouraging words to anyone considering a career in comics. Try different things; find out what you like to do; stick with it; don’t be afraid.



Ghost Glyph Studios @GhostGlyph

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