featurebanner_ryanlindsaymlp_interviewAMBER LOVE 29-MAY-2013 RYAN K. LINDSAY joins VODKA O’CLOCK this week from Australia to talk all about his new work with Action Lab Entertainment’s title GHOST TOWN. Ryan is also busy with a ton of other projects and is a podcaster with a team of hosts from Image Addiction.

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Ryan has been involved in GHOST TOWN from the beginning stages but takes over the writing for issues 2-4 in a contained arc. In GHOST TOWN, you’ll see how terrorists would put time travel to use in America. The artist on his arc is Daniel J. Logan who has partnered with Ryan many times with great success. His style is perfect for Ryan’s story about “The Rad” – the ghetto neighborhoods set in this universe where people live on survival skills away from any formal government enforcement. (Diamond Code: MAY130764)

ghosttown-cvr“It is a really interesting hook for a story but then we’re making sure that we tell it through dense characters.” ~RKL

Few teams in any work environment have the sense of complimenting each other so well and Ryan’s regular partnerships with Logan and joined with Brian Dyck and Dave Dwonch. The goal for GHOST TOWN is to produce small story arcs for as long as readers support the book.


Ryan met the right person, Duane Swierczynski who supported Ryan’s essay work (Brubaker’s CRIMINAL) and introduced him to IDW editor Bobby Curnow. The opening at IDW was the polar opposite of the noir drug-filled world of GHOST TOWN. Ryan was tasked with pitching MY LITTLE PONY and landed the RAINBOW DASH one-shot. As a school teacher, Ryan was fortunate that one of his students was able to surprise him with an intellectual critical look at why Rainbow Dash is her favorite pony. Ryan cautions, whatever you do avoid the “Dat Flank” MLP meme. I’m not even going to look.

MLP_micro02-coverARyan spent time on the popular MLP forums to interact with the fanbase and found it interesting how differing the views are in the communities. When one says “20% cooler” is in fact, cool, there will be a base that disagrees and finds it overdone. He heavily referenced pop culture in RAINBOW DASH with everything from TOMBSTONE to FIGHT CLUB. His hope paid off when different readers picked out different things.

“I’d have to become 50 times more suave for a weekend and I don’t know if I have that level of commitment.” ~RKL on cosplaying Iron Man

You’ll be able to find Ryan at Sydney and Melbourne comic conventions. He said the cosplay scene has blown up to easily compete with the quality of the US. Although he has never cosplayed, Ryan has been mistaken for cosplaying Wil Wheaton. If you can think of an appropriate bearded character, tweet to @RyanKLindsay with your suggestions.

“I’m so lazy. I’m lucky to be wearing clothes at con.” ~RKL

Ryan uses comics in the classroom all the time and even gives them out for Halloween. In lessons, he uses BONES and RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN. He loves when he sees the thought process about storytelling come through the kids’ own work. They have learned about pacing and page turn moments in with small two-page comics that they create.


“Noir means downward spiral; noir means not a happy ending… Noir is where the good guy doesn’t win at the end.”  ~RKL

Ryan has two essays in a book about Marvel’s Daredevil called THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS which is in the May Previews also. It’s a compilation of essays by several writers who have taken very deep insights into the world of Daredevil and Matt Murdoch. Ryan examined the love life, specifically five loves, of Matt Murdoch. There are also essays with scientific approaches which Ryan feels is still accessible to people who aren’t usually science-minded nor specifically well versed in Daredevil already. The book will help point out areas of the Daredevil universe and references which collections to point readers to investigate.

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