featurebanner_goodisAMBER LOVE 27-DEC-2012 goodis-pianocoverDUANE SWIERCZYNSKI rejoins VODKA O’CLOCK to talk all about modern and past crime Noir. We kick off with news about the January 5, 2013 David Goodis celebrations in Philadelphia, PA called “Retreat to Goodisville” co-hosted by Duane and his old friend Lou Boxer (@noircon). With Duane’s popular Charlie Hardie series optioned for TV, you might see his name in even more places; the third and final installment of the trilogy POINT AND SHOOT will be out in paperback in April.

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The Retreat to Goodisville crew updated me that the bus is actually full and there’s a waiting list. However, you can get the itinerary and drive along on your own and meet up with them at the sites.

David Goodis loved to be a comedian with his friends. He had a mentally ill brother that he helped take care of. After a bad marriage, Goodis spent his years in a long term taboo relationship with sculptor Selma Burke, a robust African-American woman in the 1950s. Their relationship ended because Goodis had no interest in ever remarrying.

Also in light of recent tragedies, I wanted to talk specifically to a crime/action writer to see if his material or processes have changed under the pressures from the press blaming our entertainment “gun” culture for the downfall of mankind. Since Duane writes novels and comics that tend to be “the bloodier, the better,” I couldn’t think of a better talk show guest.

“Yes, I would actually give up violent writing and anything criminal, cold turkey, if you could tell me the entire world would be better off for it – if no one would ever hurt each other again or kill each other again, sure, I’d give up and retire happily.” ~Duane Swierczynski

Then we discussed the contemporary marketing for authors when they are considered part of the sales platform. This question came up because some authors are still compelling (or talked into) changing their nom du plume when they have series in different genres. If the author is part of the marketing, why would you have JOE SCHMOE for noir and J.S. DOE for young adult? Are you “hot” or “publishing hot?”

“I have friends just as unattractive as I am and it hasn’t hurt our careers.” ~Duane Swierczynski

Duane’s comic titles are prevalent with Valiant Comics and IDW Publishing. He was recently sacked off DC’s new 52 BIRDS OF PREY after a long 18-issue run.

* Listen to the Episode 1201 with Duane from March.
* Duane’s blog: secretdead.blogspot.com

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