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Where We Left Off:

Gus and Oliver investigated the brutal attack on one of the blue jays. There was a Polish Mafia connection to our local blue Jay Gang.

Game Change:

This year, Gus, Ollie and the humans got to meet a new rabbit creature friend, Shirley Bunnie Foy. Gus and I first noticed her in Bunny Hollow appropriately. We learned that she was interested in being the new Mayor of Bunny Hollow even though she was so young. Her career as an entertainer is little known, but she’s an exceptional jazz singer. People in Paris and Harlem know her well.

Shirley grew quickly and had twins. They went unnamed for most of the summer, but I’ve finally decided to call them Paris and Harlem after the cities she loved. These babies arrived the same time as the robins’ eggs hatching in early June.

There also seemed to be another bunny creature who was a “teen” size. It wasn’t quite as large as the adults, but definitely bigger than the twins. It often hangs out with Paris or Harlem, but rarely both at the same time. I wondered if it was Shirley Bunnie or someone else every single time. I started captioning this individual as “Teen Bunny” but it mostly likely was mother Shirley Bunnie Foy this whole time. She’s just petite!

To make it even more confusing, I think a second wave of twins came from Silver Blaze in July or the end of June. I started seeing a new baby not much larger than my own stubby hand. It was usually around the boulder separating Bunny Hollow from the end of the junkyard. Such a fast little bugger! Getting photos was impossible until it was a few weeks older. As a wee baby, the one particular rabbit creature had lush dark eyebrows.

The Race is On:

The mayoral race was between Shirley Bunnie Foy and incumbent Lola Rabbit. A creature does not need to be any type of rabbit creature to run for mayor of that neighborhood. Lola managed to avoid scandal and controversies during her term. Shirley has done more campaign canvassing to get the word out about the issues important to her. she’s kept it rather peaceful in the neighborhood but has serious concerns about the toxic pollution (see key item below) and the trails need better upkeep/maintenance. However, in this election, the candidates agree on the most vital concerns:

  • The spotted red lantern bugs are all over the woods and will destroy the trees. The Grumpy Old Man’s “solution” to spray them with gasoline is not what anyone else wants. Sure, it kills the horrible bugs, but at what cost?
  • Red Squirrels are on the rise while Grey Squirrels are on the decline. What’s going on? Do we need a committee to tackle this research?
  • Why has the cost of bird seed and peanuts gone up so drastically?

Case Findings:

With all these new youths of the rabbit community, how will that affect the outcome of Bunny Hollow’s mayoral election?

bunny hollow mayoral election


Case Status: Closed

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