featurebanner_cocktail_newsAMBER LOVE 27-DEC-2012 The first part of our VODKA O’CLOCK 2012 FAVORITES was two hours long. Part Two, for your listening pleasure, is another hour of Ashley and I talking about novels, book covers, cosplay, photographers, conventions and intimate details about why these things matter. It kicks off with more praise and a short segment with Chuck Wendig, novelist and Tweeter extraordinaire.


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I certainly wasn’t aiming to babble but realized how long the show was getting and tried to speed up the discussion. We stayed on message quite well. Both of us had lists of things we wanted to mention as memorable and we’re certain we left a ton out and forgot to mention.

One of the areas we discuss in depth is cosplaying for charity events and other geek fundraisers that benefit our communities. If that’s something you’re interested in learning more about, there are plenty of opportunities. Check out organizations like The Superhero Costuming Forum, The League of Heroes/League of Lanterns, Heroes Alliance, and the 501st Legion/Rebel Alliance.

We list what we’re looking forward to for 2013. What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Comics: Ongoing or Maxi Series (12 issues or more)THE LONE RANGER (Dynamite Entertainment)SAGA (Image)
Comics: MiniseriesDEADHORSE (215ink)
Comics: Favorite new comic introduced, mini, maxi or ongoingCOBBLE HILL (215ink), M3 (Schultz/Alcazar)MIND THE GAP (Image)
Comics: WriterAnde Parks (LONE RANGER)Duane Swierczynski (BIRDS OF PREY)
Comics: Artist (These titles happen to have artists who did their own inking.)Phil Sloan (DEADHORSE)Fiona Staples (SAGA)
Comics: Color ArtistDonna Gregory (GUTTER MAGIC), Marcelo Pinto (LONE RANGER), David Halvorson (DEADHORSE)Sonia Oback (MIND THE GAP)
Comics: LetteringChris Mowry (NIGHT OF 1000 WOLVES)Fiona Staples (SAGA)
Comics: Publisher215ink - has once again provided me with a year of enjoyment in diverse selections of comics, my favorites being mysteries and suspense; also IDW for Night of 1000 Wolves, Godzilla and My Little PonyImage - another strong year of non-cape stories like Saga, Revival and Fatale
Comics: Original Graphic Novel, Trade Paperback or AnthologyXOC by Matt Demicki. Also read Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire, Godzilla volume 1 and several pre-2012 trades and OGNs: Cursed Pirate Girl, Fogtown, Little Heroes, Wicked West, Extinct, Green River Killer, Jesus Hates Zombies
Comics: CharacterSophia (NIGHT OF 1000 WOLVES), Starling (BIRDS OF PREY)

Sophia was co-created by Bobby Curnow and David Wachter; Bobby developed a female protagonist that surprises the story by, in my opinion, stealing the show in a tribal tale that focuses on the men for much of it; Wachter was tasked with created characters of historical Norse backgrounds that had to resonate as truthful in a world with supernatural lore.
Starling (BIRDS OF PREY), Sophia (NIGHT OF 1000 WOLVES)

Starling was co-created by Duane Swierczynski and Jesus Saiz; she's a troubled character with controversial methods of succeeding in her missions and she covers up her emotional side which only seen by those closest to her; her rockabilly fashion makes her stand out as a stylish female in a world of spandex and capes.

Comics: Breakout SurpriseMY LITTLE PONY (IDW) by Katie Cook and Andy PriceSPACE GIRLS by Stacie Ponder as part of WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE #1
Comics: Example of DiversityGODZILLA (IDW) - Swierczynski created a mercenary team with a Brit, a woman, a gay Mexican, and a person with a disability who is mute. I've never seen anything like it.SAGA (Image) - Vaughn & Staples have expanded the visibility of speciesism and artistic controversies with their comic.
Comics: Cover ArtNIGHT OF 1000 WOLVES #3 by Dave Wachter, DEADHORSE #1 by Phil Sloan
FATALE #1 by Sean Phillips, BATWOMAN #0 by J.H. Williams III
Book Cover DesignBLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig, cover by Joey HiFi
BLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig, cover by Joey HiFi
Blogger/Social Media PresenceChuck Wendig at TerribleMinds.com and Twitter, Grammar Girl at Quick & Dirty TipsChuck Wendig
PodcastNerdist Writers' Panel hosted by Ben Blacker, Writing Excuses, The JV Club, Tell Me Something I Don't KnowNerdist Writers' Panel hosted by Ben Blacker, PolyWeekly, Pop My Culture, Vodka O'Clock
Cosplayer"Eric Brooks" known for Blade, Morpheus, Nick Fury.
Ann McManus known for Artemis, Black Widow
David Cap Santiago known for Nova, Bucky/Cap, Ares, Immortal Iron Fist
Cosplay or Convention PhotographerKassandra Purcell


Honorable Mentions: Knightmare6, Babs Daniels

Babs Daniels

ConventionSteampunk World's Fair (vendors, costumes, entertainment, absinthe testing!)

Baltimore Comic Con

Wizard World Philly
Steampunk World's Fair

Baltimore Comic Con

Wizard World Philly
Small EventSuperhero Weekend & Wonder Woman DaySuperhero Weekend & Wonder Woman Day
Geek Role Model* Paul Allor, writer

* James Hannon, liaison for the 501st Northeast costumers

* Scott Snyder, writer
* Amber Love

* Dirk Manning for handling himself like a pro
Charity Movement by Geeks* Superhero Weekend & Wonder Woman Day

* Philip Bonneau photography/bodypaint Heroes & Villains for AID Atlanta

* Superheroes for Hospice comic book sales throughout the year

* Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh window washers dressed as superheroes
* Superhero Weekend & Wonder Woman Day

Memorable Moments in Geekdom* Mandy tells off creeps while she's Black Cat. Cosplay uprising ensues including #CosplayAppreciateDay on Twitter.

* Felicia Day launches Geek & Sundry

* Liefeld goes crazy on Twitter

* Christian Bale shows up to Aurora, Colorado in the wake of the massacre.

* Tard the Grump Cat becomes the best meme of the year.
* Launch of Vodka o'Clock podcast.

* GeekNation launch

* Gangnam Style phenomenon

* Hobbit movie release

Favorite Episodes of Vodka O'Clock1201 Duane Swierczynski

1209 Chuck Wendig

1202 Tim Kang
1209 Chuck Wendig

1231 Stephen Blackmoore

To learn more about FLUTTER (the comic we discuss at the end, listen to my previous episode of Vodka O’Clock with Mike Perkins).

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