featurebanner_mikeperkins2_interviewAMBER LOVE 12-DEC-2012 Returning to Vodka O’Clock is comic book writer and science nerd Michael D. Perkins to talk about space exploration, gay fish porn, Hell Yeah It’s Rocket Science!, the Ikea monkey, making comics, and the best titles offered by 215ink and tonight’s new drinking game – take a shot every time I guilt Mike about not being on Twitter yet.

“How is it we can build a space rover out of parts in your garage, I can’t get Skype to work reliably?” ~Amber


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Mike and Will Perkins were recently brought onboard the website Part-Time Scientists to put out a webcomic about a Lunar rover named Asimov, Jr. The PTscientists were a team that won a major Google science award and make Hell Yeah It’s Rocket Science! to reach out and motivate people about the wonders of science.

Growing up around Rochester, New York, Mike and Will had a typical childhood where older brother Mike routinely found new and exciting methods of torturing Will. Then employment took Mike out to California where he awaits the day Will can join him. For now, they collaborate on comics through email and phone conferences.


Mike, Will and as many of the 215ink creators as possible do travel all around to comic cons. Mike will be in Europe to start his 2013 tour then to Boston.  Some of those other creators are Eric Grissom and Phil Sloan that you may remember joined me at Wild Pig Comics for a signing. They’re the team of DEADHORSE, my favorite miniseries of the year and my favorite art of the year. If you’re looking to stock up on incredible comics, 215ink is having a 50% off sale on everything! Check out to see if they still have any of the Droid tablets in stock; there’s really no easier or most cost effective way to discover the publisher that has won me and Ashley over for a second year. In fact, the title I have already been tweeting about is another 215ink book – FLUTTER – which will be out January 1, 2013.  FLUTTER is the creation of Jennie Wood and Jeff McComsey, two proven creators that are bringing an enlightened story about gender identity to comics. There’s a full preview plus a trailer on the Flutter.215ink.com site.



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