featurebanner_spacecorps_interviewAMBER LOVE 05-FEB-2014 GANNON BECK and BRYAN RICHMOND have collaborated on SPACE CORPS COMIC, a sci-fi webcomic with a space marine saga where each vignette gives a closer look into the various alien race characters.

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spacecorpsGannon gives comics a great deal of credit for influencing his life growing up and learning right from wrong. Misty Knight and Danny Rand were the first time he saw interracial coupling in comics which as it turns out, he never noticed as a big deal. So it wasn’t a taboo situation for Gannon when he decided to marry a woman of different cultural background. Gannon is also particular about which comics he reads to his kids and he feels the gritty comics of today aren’t suitable. He chooses to read back issues or books like Louise Simonson’s POWER PACK and Jeff Smith’s BONE to them.

After only a few minutes, Skype corrupted the file where Gannon and I were chatting. There’s a cut to the portion of the interview with Bryan Richmond. What’s interesting is how truly collaborative their efforts are. They take turns writing, plotting and drawing and even have an additional partner, Joey Groah in the mix.

SPACE CORPS COMIC comes from Gannon’s military background and Bryan brings in the science fiction flavor. Bryan and I delved into character development about how to make someone unique even when they have traits reminiscent of popular characters.

Bryan opened up a personal connection he has to the sexual harassment story in the SCC storyline. Besides personal accounts, we pointed out some current events where this sort of behavior is too commonplace.

Cosplay even comes up in this chat with Bryan when he’s not even part of our strange spandex and armor subculture.




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