featurebanner_valentinesAMBER LOVE 10-FEB-2014 If you’re looking for a thoroughly researched collective bin of information on traditional romance comics, pop over to Sequential Crush. Jacque Nodell takes all the time to go through classics from Fawcett, DC, Marvel and Charlton. Each post is tagged with creators’ names, publishers and themes like “Career Girl Romances” or “Superheroes.” Tons of images give each post visual appeal without pirating entire books.

Who would your nerdy Valentine be?

neil-degrasse-tysonNEIL DEGRASSE TYSON – Though married with two kids living in New York, NDT is my favorite science celebrity at the moment. I love the way he handles debate with people who have more “religion” than education.

BILL NYE – Unlike NDT, Nye’s marriage was declared invalid so The Science Guy may still be on the market. He recently gave a laudable smackdown debating Ken Ham on a the subject of creationism. Nye also made nerds take a step towards graceful when he appeared on Dancing With the Stars.

THE J3ST3R – My favorite hacktivist with a secret identity. All that may be true about him is that he’s American. Though he has lent a helping hand to Anonymous, he has no allegiance to them and often derides their attacks.

DERIC LOSTUTTER – The hacker who spread the video, tweets and other social media posts responsible as key pieces of evidence in the Steubenville rape case. Lostutter faces ten times the amount of prison time as the actual rapists. He’s a goddamn hero.

CORY BOOKER – Currently a US Senator from New Jersey and former Mayor of Newark, this man has the most amazing work ethic and +10 Charisma. I don’t know how much longer until he’s had bitter and sullen so I’d rather nab him now while he’s fresh and full of good spirit. He’s known for helping people in his city shovel their snow and he opened up his own home to folks displaced by Superstorm Sandy so they could have a warm place to rest and charge their devices. Also he’s a vegetarian so that’s a bonus.

MICHAEL BOATMAN – This may seem like it’s coming out of nowhere but I’m currently reading a galley of Boatman’s novel Last God Standing. It’s a hilarious look at the “Almighty” in the body of an afro-sporting black man in modern day where other gods are also capable of embodying human forms. There are so many geeky references including the main “God” being in a human named Lando. You might recognize Boatman from his long run in the cast of Spin City.

SARAH DONNER – This boho chic NY lady rescues cats and finds them homes when she’s not making super fun nerd folk rock music. Plus she was kind enough to trek out to rural New Jersey to help out with our Comic Fusion charity event by entertaining the massive crowd of cosplayers and customers.

THE DOUBLECLICKS – Another musical entry. These are sisters from Portland who also have a folk-pop style of music. They recently had a very successful Kickstarter which reached almost 300% of their goal.

THE BLOGGESS – Jenny Lawson is one of the funniest bloggers of all time. I listened to the audio version of her book and it was one of the greatest things I ever heard, especially because it was her own voice delivering the bizarre tales of growing up with a taxidermist for a father in backwoods America.

Twitter fans suggested the following Dream Valentine Dates: Mary Kate Wiles Felicia Day Karen Gillan

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2 Comments on Who would your nerdy Valentine be?

  1. Dear Amber…

    Well this seems out of the blue, but I just read your review of my novel, Last God Standing, and I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for taking the time to read, and review the book. I’m really glad that you liked it! And thanks for the Valentine’s Day shout out too, even though it comes a year too late! Thanks again. Michael Boatman

    • Aww, thank you for stopping by! I had a blast reading your book. It was a unique premise to incorporate stand up with religions and morality. Loved it!


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