15-MARCH-2011 Sometimes it pays to get an artist drunk and make him agree to things. I don’t think I would have wormed my way into FALLEN ANGEL (IDW) unless I brought J.K. Woodward that bottle of Maker’s Mark; but I did and that means you’ll be able to my first cameo in a comic (I say first like there will be more – ha!) in the FA: RETURN OF THE SON #4 of 4. That issue should be out in April, 2011.

One of the cool things about James’ work is that he shares it via his constant blog updates. You should be following his tweets, in particular the hashtag #OnTheDesk where you’ll see progress shots of FALLEN ANGEL pages and other commissions. He shares his work quite literally also, having given many pages away to podcasts like Comic Geek Speak and Pete’s Basement to use as prizes.

And speaking of Pete’s Basement, you might notice the hosts of that show are also in the scene shoving me out of the way. The last face you might recognize is one of my tweeps and favorite artists, Mitch Gerads who is part of the elite circus at Comic Twart. Mitch’s tweets frequently involve his cat Numchuck’s plans to destroy mankind.


Now that you’ve seen more of J.K. Woodward’s art, the next thing for you to do is come to New Jersey for the WILD PIG CON in Somerset on April 3, 2011 and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Comic Fusion in Flemington on May 8 to meet me and James. He’s also going to C2E2 this weekend but I’m not, so screw him. Don’t ask for his autograph there.

DEADPOOL for Swierczynski

So come by either of those NJ events for sketches. I’ll even sketch if you’d like but I’m pretty terrible. My work has recently graced  several bar napkins (you can follow along that trend with the #barnapkinart started by @GeekGirls).