29-MAY-2012 I started the work on LIBERTY BELLE on May 24, 2012 and finished on the 28th. Ever since I filed comics and graphic novels at Comic Fusion and spotted this character, I fell in love with her costume. For a while I had it on my “wish list” of characters to create for myself. I had removed it when my I had to severely cut back on traveling to conventions. Characters like LIBERTY BELLE and her daughter JESSE QUICK work really well for large conventions where you don’t want to be caught as yet another Wonder Woman. They loan themselves well as group cosplay characters too whereas a character like Wonder Woman or Catwoman can stand on her own.

So there was with this love for LIBERTY BELLE lasting years and yet I never had the gumption to create the suit. There are also variations in the suit and the person wearing it as well. A common version is where her pants are cavalry trousers which was common in WWII era military designs, particularly popular with General Patton. Somewhere in LB’s history, artists started slimming down the pants to have that classic “tights” look. Then she went back to trousers.

As I posted work-in-progress pictures on Facebook, people kept confusing this LIBERTY BELLE aka “Libby” with the new Liberty Belle, her daughter Jesse who took up the mantle. Libby didn’t have a speed formula. She did have some super speed and super strength though.

If I ever wear the costume rather than sell it, I think the Ms. Marvel mask I have would work just fine. I have my old Power Girl boots too. The gloves are $10 Captain America children’s size gloves from Party City. Have I mentioned how much I hate making gloves? Yes, all the time. I know. I’m a broken record about gloves. I’m pretty sure I’ll only put the suit on for photos and sell it on etsy.

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    • Most people go with actual trousers but I was on a mission to use my spandex supply to see how many costumes I’d be able to create. Good luck!

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