29-MAY-2012 Over the last week, I worked on two costumes almost in tandem. I created JESSE QUICK first, the daughter of the original LIBERTY BELLE from Justice Society of America.

What would possess me to work on two obscure characters? It’s because different is fun and because you go to any big ‘Mart or Halloween Store to get a Supergirl, Catwoman or Harley Quinn costume for yourself. You can’t expect to be part of a great cosplay group like JSA or The Flash Family with anything you can buy mass produced.

I knew nothing about Jesse Quick/Jesse Chambers before beginning. I had done an inventory of my spandex and made a list of the colors I had and how much. I went to ComicVine, browsed the character database and filtered for “female” which is as far as the filtering tool goes. I went page by page through the characters looking at the costumes’ complexities and colors which is how I landed on Jesse Quick. This version is a pretty simple style that I had enough fabric to create.

As usual there were choices to be made. I had a bright yellow but when going through all the images of Jesse, sometimes her suit was more muted which I preferred. The bottoms looked like a matte gold/mustard color. I had a thick spandex that I see as gold but sometimes in photographs looks tan. It’s extremely dependent on the lighting. I laid this fabric next to a shiny milliskin gold and they appeared to be the same hue the only difference being one looked metallic with the other was matte.

You may also notice that the chest logo is slightly different in placement from the comic book images. This was intentional. The “U” shape of the logo seemed odd to me to have smack in between breasts. The neckline is rounded so the “U” curve fits well as an accent to the neckline, in my opinion. You may feel otherwise but this was a conscious decision.

The other major decision I made was that I would not make the accessories: mask, gloves or boots. I know people that are far better at making those than I am. I’ll gladly refer buyers to my friends.

The leotard pattern pieces were relatively simple. I used a base pattern and determined a cut line for where the colors would change. I added a couple inches more to the bottoms part because I've noticed that the leotard pattern fit shorter torsos like mine but don't fit someone taller.

I didn't photographer the early stages: the panties were stitched then attached to the red top.
I backed a rectangular piece of black spandex in Wunder Under stabilizer.
Folded it over; pinned the chest logo pattern piece and cut it out.
The cut out and more stable logo; skinny strips of spandex like this would be impossible to work with without stabilizer.
The logo was zig zag stitched into place.
Here's what it looks like with the bottoms stitched to the top.
Cap sleeves were hemmed and then the underarm seam stitched.
Before the sleeves are attached.
After the sleeves are attached.
Belt loops were cut out. This particular spandex is very thick. I didn't fold over and hem the sides because it wasn't necessary. With clean straight cuts of the rotary blade, it wasn't necessary to hem the sides.
Measurements to space the loops were done and they were pinned into place, then stitched.
The neckline has top stitching. Only thing left is to install the zipper.
Test shot. It's surprisingly comfortable!

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