There’s a small update to the topic about my sets at Cosplay Deviants then you just might have to speak up about it. Two of the sets I submitted months ago still are not published and I’ve been patiently telling fans that I’ll be sure to let you know when the sets get into the publishing queue. I check every few weeks and the queue is out as far as the end of August and I still hadn’t seen my name on the list so I asked our model manager about it.

Unfortunately the sets went missing when they changed servers. However that’s not even the worst of the bad news. It’s quite possible that the administrator rejected the sets all together because they don’t care for plain solid backgrounds which my sets normally have. This is kind of bone of contention but I don’t begrudge the admins their standards since it’s their website and they have the right to like or dislike anything they want. But if someone were to ask my opinion on one set versus another, I happen to think that solid background pictures look more professional than the ones shot in someone’s bedroom or bathroom. That’s my own opinion. I would never say those sets aren’t as good because they have turned out some very attractive pictures. It’s just that to me, it looks like the kind of work someone does when they are messing around shooting naughty pictures with their lover. It doesn’t make the girls any less hot! CosDev has the most amazing pool of models, female and male. I also like the solid backgrounds because fans have taken their time to make me pretty cool photo manips which are easier to do when you can select the background and just delete it.

The two sets in question are my Fantastic Four and Alice in Wonderland sets. I have some teaser images up – the pages say “coming soon to CosDev” because I really thought they’d make it into the queue.

It seems that my suggestion for the fans here to write to the admins at CosDev got a bit misinterpretted and the admins have said they are being harassed. That’s not at all what I expected people to do especially considering how I tried to emphasize that they are very kind to all their models. So now I’m editing this post in order to remove the contact info so it’s not quite as easy for readers here to get.

EDIT #2:

Unfortunately the F4 and Wonderland pictures will not be at CosDev. That’s ok. They’ll be here!

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4 Comments on Want to see more of me at CosDev?

  1. Sent a message to the admins for Cosplay Deviants. You are by FAR my favorite model on the site.

  2. Solids are great cause then we can cut you out then add like a volcano spewing lava in the background or add a forest with animals or a japanese garden for the anime chars lol. A fight sequence in the middle of a city where you end up naked may be fun since you couldn’t really do it in real life. If its hard to remove the background then you cant do that. I havent seen the pics from the site so I can’t comment on them. But I know pro photos are good for websites says alot if it has a certain quality of image. I would think they did the images themselves.

  3. Done !

    I also agree that having an evocative background helps a lot in creating a good atmosphere for. If the background works with the photos, be it a “set”, an outdoor shoot or a solid background, it is much more pleasant than a blurry image of the model’s appartment, which just breaks the cosplay illusion. Unless you’re conciously going for an amateurish look, I’m surprised they actually prefer backgrounds unrelated to the theme of the shoot.

    BTW, love the cool steampunkish Alice costume and sexy photo previews. I hope they get uploaded soon.

  4. You were the reason I joined CosDev. But canceled my sub when they stopped posting your sets!

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