featurebanner_sweatshopAMBER LOVE 18-JAN-2013 I thought I posted this months ago but it doesn’t seem to be appearing in the proper TUTORIALS category. Ah well. Here we go. This is a list with links to my notes on all the costumes I was able to create from scraps and yards of leftover fabric last year. I was broke but still wanted to create and sell whatever possible on Etsy.

Some things are still available like the Jesse Quick and Andromeda, which I still feel is one of the best ones I ever made. Someone criticized the color of it because the character as seen in the comics, wears a paler orange but as I said, this was stuff I created from leftovers, scraps or fabric orders when customers flaked out on commissions. I wasn’t going to panic that the shade was off a little.

1. TERRA (DC) was the first one I tried. I had to make a ton of adjustments as it went along. Completed May 23, 2012. SOLD
2. JESSE QUICK (DC) was completed May 24, 2012
3. LIBERTY BELLE (DC) was completed May 28, 2012. A little bit of sewing illusion work on this one but it's really cute. SOLD
4. KITTY PRYDE (MARVEL) completed June 6th. At first I didn't think my design for piecing the colors together worked but once it was finished, I loved it. SOLD.
5. SHE-HULK (MARVEL) was another costume I had wanted to try for a long time. Ultimately, I'd like to make it from a PVC/spandex combo. This one is all milliskin & has some minor problems so it's going for cheap. Completed June 11, 2012. SOLD
6. TRIPLICATE GIRL (DC) from the LoSH animated series. This character has several adorable looks but I went with the one from the cartoon series I used to watch. Completed June 14th. SOLD
7. ANDROMEDA (DC) from the LoSH. Completed June 14th.

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