Amber Love 04-APR-2012 The 2012 nominees for EISNERS is out today!

The official website points out all the trends and sweeping titles like DAREDEVIL. Some fresh blood hits the GREEN RIVER KILLER which took several nominations including Jeff Jensen for Best Writer. It’s refreshing to see some new names and titles in the categories.

On a more intimate note, I’m thrilled to see PRINCELESS by Action Lab Entertainment nab Best Publication for Kids 8-12 and Best Single Issue for Issue #3. PRINCELESS kept appearing on my own lists for 2011 when it was introduced. I recommend it for readers of all ages because of its take on female-lead stories where the girl isn’t completely helpless relying on a prince to save her. Yes, this is a new trend with HUNGER GAMES and BRAVE and all the reimaginings of SNOW WHITE that are hitting the movies. So far, it seems like PRINCELESS is the only comic book geared for all ages that accomplishes this.

Another of my top favorites is Francesco Francavilla who is nominated for Best Cover Artist for his breathtaking pulp style on BLACK PANTHER, LONE RANGER and several other popular titles.

On my own ballot, I took the liberty of utilizing the Write In fields on several categories (PS – if you’re eligible to vote, you can write in AmberUnmasked for Best Comics Journalism!). One book I don’t think I’ve mentioned for young readers is A CAT NAMED HAIKU by Mark Poulton. It’s fantastic storybook of haiku poetry about an adorable ginger cat. Another that I wrote in for several categories including coloring and writer is LONE RANGER. And for digital webcomic, NIGHTMARE WORLD which is available for free on