AMBER LOVE 27-FEB-2015 During this day of mourning, when Twitter is filled with the sadness and celebration of the life of Leonard Nimoy, it’s good to find a distraction. Like last night, when news that Nimoy was in the hospital filled the Twitter stream and all of us were crazy about llamas on the loose and debating whether #TheDress was blue and black or white and gold. Distractions are good. Distractions can get through your difficult times until you have the opportunity you need to release emotions. Such was the case as I’ve been crying and reading everyone’s loving comments about Nimoy and I happened to see this tweet by my friends at Pete’s Basement podcast directing to their Instagram with this incredible discovery:


The Ralph Lauren – POLO leather Farrington A2 jacket is a bomber style aviator jacket that comes with the name tag for Captain-Freaking-America! The back is covered in a red, white, and blue patch (maybe not the best looking embellishment they could have come up with), but you see right there on the tag “S. Rogers” in gold letters under the wings. The anchor? I’m not sure what they’re thinking with that unless Steve Rogers is actually a Navy pilot not an Air Force pilot. I remember a lot of people in the TOP GUN years signing up with Air Force recruiters because of Goose and Maverick not realizing they should have been at the Navy office.


They even chose a blonde model for the pictures. Let’s face it – this is Ralph Lauren showing us some cosplay here! For nearly $1300 that’s a pretty expensive cosplay piece considering it’s only the jacket. Some might spend that on an entire outfit. Nonetheless, it’s cool.



I’d love to see one with “Danvers” on it. I searched through their women’s jackets in all brands and couldn’t find anything that resembled a bomber jacket. They had one motorcycle style jacket. And then I saw quite a number of things in the equestrian and tuxedo variety that resemble the new “Mob Boss” style of DC’s former Catwoman, Selina Kyle. But, it would take a bank account like Selina’s to afford a jacket like this: