Amber Love 10-JULY-2012 Last month I participated in my first ever Zombie Walk. This one was held in the New Jersey Meadowlands at the State Fair. Let’s say my final thoughts are not a glowing review.

First off, I understand that more state and county fairs are going to be in the summer when families need something to do locally. It’s a poor time of year to plan a zombie walk which generally requires a great deal of makeup and other special effect prosthetics. Only participate in a summer zombie walk if you’re quite adamant about sweating and being really uncomfortable.

The NJ State Fair was in this massive complex, formerly a major sports arena location but now the horse track seems to be the only other booming business there. The parking lot is a sea. You don’t want to tackle that if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes for your costume or if you need good handicap parking. The zombie walk started at 11:00pm. People were there by 10:00 if they were paying $15-25 for professional makeovers.

Something I will never understand is that parents take their children out this late at night. I’m very much a non-parent and to me there are times and places intended for family events. 11:00pm for a horror themed event is NOT my idea of the appropriate time to be bringing children; I feel that way even for the fair in general. Children are whiny and miserable when they are tired or sugared up on garbage food from vendors. This is unpleasant for everyone.

Needless to say I will never be attending that zombie walk again. I’m not against the zombie subculture but I hated the venue and the general population there. Luckily it was only $9 to get in.

Here’s my live tweeting of the event:

Parked car & have 2 stalkers. This one will not leave.
Why are there children here this late at night!
I just want to be home, showered & in a/c & this thing hasn’t even started yet.
I still feel classier than everyone else here. ‪#statefair‬
Yeah I bet those tigers & lions are thrilled to be in those tiny cages.‪#statefair‬
Right now I would pay money to see a Hollister douche fight an Ed Hardy douche. ‪#statefair‬
I didn’t realize slushies came in meth flavor. ‪#statefair‬
Money actually rained down when it fell out if someone’s wallet on a ride.
Ashley: “they don’t bother you, it’s like you have their scent.” Me:”oh I have their scent.” ‪#statefair‬
Two kinds of women here: no bra or bra showing. ‪#statefair‬
I posted 73 photos on Facebook in the album “Insanely hot zombie walk” 



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