On November 19th, I’ll be at the Great Allentown Comic Con! I’ll be a booth babe for that delightful and talented artist Nick Mockoviak. And… I won’t be alone! I may have my own special sidekicks in tow.

Ashley and Diana were planning on costuming as DC comics characters so I decided that Ace from Royal Flush Gang will be my outfit du jour. I wore my Ace costume at the Wizard World Philly show and only three people knew who the character was. It’s too bad. I find Ace more appealing as a character than Harley Quinn which is a big part of the reasons that I’m selling my Harley costume. I don’t like what she’s become in cosplay nor in the comics. So I’ll be telepathically taking over Pennsylvania discretely and altering reality.

This time around, the Great Allentown Comic Con is presenting the two day Mega Show featuring a STAR WARS theme. The organizers with the help of STAR WARS fans, are going to be collecting STAR WARS toys for needy children.

The show has not only expanded to two days but also added a small variety of panels. Chances are I’ll be at the Horror/Zombie panel to support my friends: Neil Vokes, Tom Schloendorn, Tommy Castillo and Chris Moreno as they discuss the Horror of the past and future, and our current love of all things Zombie.



Merchants Square Mall
1901 S. 12th Street,  Allentown, PA 18103

November 19th & 20th – Two Day Mega Show

Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Admission Cost:
One-Day Pass $8 per adult, Two Day Pass $10 per adult
– FREE for children 12 years-old and under accompanied with an adult
– $1 per pass will be donated to Epilepsy Fundraiser.

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2 Comments on Nov 19th – The Great Allentown Comic Con appearance

  1. I was just thinking about the Ace in the Batman Beyond stories and toon when I got down to the comments. I think that is an interesting idea. The Royal Flush Gang would be a neat group cosplay to do. Wish I had friends who would dress up as I group with me at Charlotte.

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