“I depend entirely on my model, whom I observe at liberty, and then I decide on the pose which best suits her nature.” He continued, “And then I become the slave of that pose.” ~Matisse, 1939


Eykyn Maclean, only through December 10, 2011

23 East 67th Street, Manhattan

I heard about this exhibit from the NYTimes.com article. I admit much of my art history education has vacated my grey cells and sadly  my study of anatomy and health aren’t holding on too well either. If I don’t use the information, it just escapes me.

Despite being in New Jersey, it’s not convenient for me to travel into New York boroughs. People assume it is. The metro borders are quite expensive now and rather prohibitive which I personally find frustrating for areas that claim to encourage tourism and economic viability in a job market that blows. That being said, I don’t know that I’ll ever get to see this Matisse exhibit considering it’s only running for a couple more weeks.

While working on this athletic, androgynous figure, he wrote to a fellow artist, “Forgive me, I’ve been completely ensnared by a woman.” ~nytimes (Matisse)