Amber Love 05-JULY-2012 Today’s exciting episode of VODKA O’CLOCK has two special guests, ERICA SCHULTZ and VICENTE ALCAZAR. Their incredible crime thriller action comic M3 is available through Erica is also a book designer and graphic artist. M3 does feature changing cover artists like Bill Sienkiewicz.

Machiavella’s life became infinitely complex the day she saw her parents lying on the floor, dead. All alone at seven years old, and hundreds of miles from home, she had no other choice but to be taken in by the man who just killed her parents. Becoming an assassin wasn’t in the plan, as David McGrath, her now surrogate father, tried to keep her from that life.

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* Book Design & Commercial Art discussion about corporate work vs fine art and composition.
* Transferring costumes from comics to movies, approx 14:30.
* The question about being the “token” woman in comics and writing/designing a female protagonist, approx 17:30
* Vicente joins the conversation to talk about M3, life in Spain, comic layouts, approx 23:00
* Vicente talks about working from a female writer’s script and how it differs, approx 41:00
* Who is M3 – Machiavella Maria Marcona?, approx 46:00

Erica is currently part of Neal Adams’ studio. She does some book designing for Red Stylo Media. Vincente left comics for a long time and returned in a one-shot of JONAH HEX. Besides M3, you will be able to see this same team together on the adaptation of THE BLOOD RIDER novel into a graphic novel.

There are 18 issues planned for M3. Each story arc is six issues and will be collected as trades at each break. Erica tackled this project funding it herself and self-published the first three issues. Then a Hound executive saw them at New York Comic Con and recommended them to Hound Comic’s owner, Brimstone.

“I didn’t design her to be aspirational. I designed her to be normal.” ~ES on her character M3

Erica approached this female character as someone who is flawed, emotionally in pain, and very apt at killing in a variety of ways. M3 has the magnetism of actor Franka Potente with the skills of Jason Bourne. She possesses one typical female trait: as soon as she lets her guard down, she does get hurt.

“When I approached Vicente I thought he was perfect for it because he draws women like real women. He doesn’t draw women like some other artists draw women.”  ~ES

The covers, drawn by different artists, feature M3 without having her in ridiculous T&A poses usually found in comic cover art of women. She’s not displaying her ass while breaking her spine to make sure you know she’s got an ample rack. M3 is shapely, athletic and realistic.

“You never finish a painting. At some time you just leave it.” ~VA

“I tell my dentist, when he’s mean to me, you better stop or she’ll kill a dentist in the next issue!” ~ES

“The sense of time in a woman and a man is different. We should be learning from each other, we’re not but, we do. Life is time. That’s all it is between when you’re born and when you go.” ~VA



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The Captain Ameritini for the 4th of July!

Put 2 c. ice in blender
½ c. kefir
¼ c. OJ
(initial blend to crush ice)
half of a frozen banana
10-12 frozen grapes
¼ c. blueberries
(puree setting on blender)
Add 2 oz. black cherry vodka
Add 4 oz. Malibu rum
(whip setting on blender)
Pour into glasses. Top with Redi-Whip and a blueberry.


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  1. Isn’t his name spelled “Vicente” without the extra ‘n’? Like Victor? It looks like Vicente on that book cover.

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