AMBER LOVE 26-SEP-2014 Superhero Weekend will be held October 4-5, 2014 at COMIC FUSION at Turntable Junction in Flemington, NJ. The annual charity auction sponsored by COMIC FUSION is now accepting online proxy bids. The instructions are lengthy but vital to ensure that you understand the process. You can bid on one item or multiple items in a single email. The shop and charity work together to communicate with bidders. You need to be assigned a bidder number by the staff.

For the most accurate information, check the official COMIC FUSION website. Other blogs and social networks may be updated first for ease in posting but the official statements and bid updates are put there. As we get closer to October 4-5 the updates will be made daily.



  • Superhero Weekend (formerly Wonder Woman Day) is a two-day event at Comic Fusion to raise money for SAFE in Hunterdon.
  • All artwork and merchandise in the auctions, raffles and prize packs have been donated by generous people in the comic book industry from creators to publishers to fans.
  • There will be several comic creators at the shop if you want to ask them questions about their techniques, projects, or the business. There will only be a limited amount of live sketches made during the event in order to promote the artwork already in the auction. All of the creators and entertainers coming are donating their time.
  • You don’t need to wear a costume but please feel free to do so! All we ask is that you follow our simple cosplay guideines (nothing scary; nothing skimpy; absolutely no live weapons; prop weapons are to be kept away from the shop and used only in photoshoots; use common sense and etiquette as we will not tolerate anyone creating an uncomfortable environment). Check Facebook for the roster of what volunteers are already planning to wear so you can coordinate if you want.
  • There will be kids’ activities like face painting and crafts. And a Flemington fire truck will be on site!



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