This month at Dynamic Forces and YouTube, you can find out about some very interesting comics. I covered SWEETS, TANK GIRL, FIVE DAYS TO DIE, LUNA PARK, and THE ALCOHOLIC.


Issue #2 of Kody Chamberlain’s SWEETS reveals just enough about the tragic serial killings to drive the story onward and make issue #3 even more anticipated than one might imagine. Issue #2 opens with evidence of more pecan pralines at a crime scene, only the victim is still alive, just barely.


It tells the story of Tank Girl going to the very ends of the Earth to win a gigantic cash prize in a whacky car race solely for the purpose of using all the money to pay for a friend’s surgery.


Ray Crisara is a police detective questing for his own mafioso white whale name Hoverman. A hit on Crisara leaves his family in worse shape then ever and his time is running out as shrapnel penetrates further into his brain.


The book takes on an almost J.J. Abrams/Jeph Loeb quality, bringing up questions at every turn and not presenting an answer until the second to the last page. History buffs alone might actually be able to decode the subtext prior to the ending. For the rest of us, it’s a reveal to send chills down your spine.

[youtube AicTOoxLysk]


The serious subject matter of alcohol and cocaine addictions with other recreational uses of marijuana and heroin, is handled in “dramedy” style.  (Or watch the video review)

[youtube vGoVFEiQtWs]

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