Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?
by Harold Schechter & Eric Powell

Albatross Funnybooks

Publishing Date: Aug 24, 2021

eddie gein cover

AMBER LOVE 23-AUG-2021 This is a combination of True Crime + fictionalized dramatization much like you would see on television shows like Paula Zahn’s On the Case or Joe Kenda’s Homicide Hunter.

Powell’s art is unique in that most of a panel could be ink wash or pencil strokes with only the most important focus getting inked. His handling of people and their body language is brilliant and rarely matched.

The research and how it facts were dramatized by Schechter are interesting choices in what was included. Typically comic writers are warned to stay away from “talking heads” but there are several pages where the team made that choice which puts emphasis on the text instead of the art. These are specific times such as interrogations/interviews. The early mention of Psycho and the inclusion of it (and other well known serial killer fiction) essentially bookend this ugly chunk of Wisconsin history.

I highly recommend the OGN for those who can stomach the subject matter, but go in with the knowledge that some things are shifted or invented for the purposes of narrative. All that is explained in the first appendix.

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